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Mental Health and Dementia Awareness Day

Cair launches its Mental Health in the Workplace initiative  

Many of us know someone with a mental health condition, whether it’s a friend, family member, relative or colleague.  At Cair we are pleased to become part of a growing movement to dispel the stigma often attached to mental illness.

During Mental Health Awareness Week last week, we launched our Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace initiative.  

This initiative included the introduction of in-house mental health first aiders, a first for the business!  

Mental Health first aiders Phil and Celia holding up their

Staff members, Phil and Celia (pictured), volunteered to become our on site Mental Health First Aiders. They recently successfully completed their training with St John Ambulance and are now ready to offer help and support on a confidential basis to any employee in need.  Their role includes looking out for indicators of mental health problems, which they do with the full support of the management team.

Cair staff become Dementia Friends!

This coincided with our Dementia Awareness Event held on Tuesday 14 May where staff were asked to bring in a sweet or savoury bake with cheese as an ingredient.  

The “Cheese Off” Baking Competition was held in aid of the Dementia Friendly Daisy Cafe in Todmorden. Tasting and voting for our favourite bakes, competition was fierce! 

Table filled with sweet and savoury cheese bakes for the "Cheese Off Competition"

First place went to Jo for her amazing Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake. Joint second were Phil for Red Pepper and Sweet Mustard Filo Rolls and Kazia for her Black Cherry Cheesecake.

Cheese Off competition winners holding their first and second place prizes

The event included a talk on Dementia Awareness by our guest speaker and Chair of Dementia Friendly Todmorden, Inspector Neil Taylor from West Yorkshire Police. 

By way of thanks, staff donated a food hamper and £75 for the cafe, presented to Neil.

Audience seated for dementia Awareness presentation Hamper presented to Inspector Neil Taylor

At the end of the event staff chose to sign up to become Dementia Friends (and a free badge).

Staff holding up their Dementia friends badges

Thanks to all who participated and contributed!

Blog by Alison Barnes.

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Earth Hour – The Worldwide Switch Off

What is Earth Hour?

‘Earth Hour’ was on Saturday the 30th of March from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. A worldwide event that takes place for an hour each year which involves switching off the lights to highlight climate change. Starting as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney in 2007. Now adopted by over 26 countries, inspiring millions of people to take action for the planet and nature.

Locations across the globe take part by going dark during Earth Hour. This year saw global landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the Eiffel Tower and even Hong Kong’s skyline to go dark for an hour on Saturday.

The Switch Off

As a company, Cair continually look to reduce its carbon footprint as well as to promote environmentally friendly good practices. From the installation of solar panels to planting trees, the environmental policy and ISO 14001 also help to manage Cair’s environmental responsibilities allowing Cair to focus on environmental challenges.

This month Cair encouraged its employees to take part in Earth Hour because even members of the public have an opportunity to participate, not just large cities and landmarks. From simply switching off the lights at home to organising an Earth Hour event, anything big or small, contributes to the environment and towards raising awareness.

Earth Hour Map showing Cair (UK) Ltd. in Halifax, West Yorkshire
Earth Hour Map

Getting Invloved

Most employees at Cair contributed to the event by switching off their lights at home for an hour. However, some went the extra mile such as Jean, Cair’s Supply Chain Manager who hosted a candlelight dinner party for the occasion. Serving up a three course menu to friends and family illuminated entirely by candlelight.

Activities that the Cair team took part in for Earth Hour included; evening walks, stargazing, curry night and movie nights.
Did you do something for Earth Hour? Share in the comments section below.

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You Said, We Did – Extra Buzzz Features

Designed to make caring easier. The Buzzz is a time saving, efficient and cost effective solution. The Buzzz is a new and innovative Telecare solution disrupting the marketplace in an industry that has had little progression in over a decade. Buzzz Notifier is a stand alone alarm receiver, with a sleek design that sits comfortably in any home. Receiving alerts from over 150 sensors*(compatible with most suppliers peripherals*) some of which include; bed sensors, chair sensors, door contacts, PIRs, smoke detectors epilepsy monitors and personal alarms.


Immediate alert = Faster response

Portable = Independence to carers

Customisation = Personalised care


Product Trial

Buzzz receives a direct alert from patient to carer which makes caring simple and stress free.
Upon unveiling this innovative product, a large number of local authorities signed up to trial this new piece of equipment. As a new product to market it was important to extensively trial the Buzzz and fully evaluate the benefits to carers. Since launching, there have been a number of organisations and individuals looking to be the first to take advantage of the innovation on offer.

Blue Buzzz displayed on kitchen counter

Over 20 local authorities, and private organisations across the country participated in the alpha trials. The trials lasted a duration of 3-6 months with some even wanting to keep their alpha samples, refusing to return them! Insightful feedback and suggestions for improvement were received and this feedback was used to further perfect the product.

Engineer closely inspecting the circuit board in some Buzzz Notifiers

The trial stages saw the Buzzz Notifier being used intensively over several months. From this we were able to clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Notifier. Using this information, our engineering team put their heads together and refined the Buzzz to ensure the end product is robust and reliable. As a direct result of the trials, a few additional and novel features were also requested. The majority of suggestions for improvements were incorporated into the final version of the Buzzz Notifier.

Improvements – You Said, We Did

You said, more customisation options for night workers.
We increased sound and vibrate options and added strobe effect light for alerts.

You said, even better range.
We adjusted the internal Ariel and included a radio boost mode to provide an increased range. Increasing more than 1km when used alongside the Orion range extender.

You said, a greater variety of sensor name options when programming devices.
We added additional devices to the menu including epilepsy, enuresis sensors and pill dispensers as well as many other sensors


As a result, those that trialled the Buzzz were also asked if they preferred the Buzzz to other alarm receivers.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive with over 94% of people saying they would rather use the Buzzz instead of their current equipment.Pie chart showing 94.4% positive feedback

“It is better than every other pager that we have used. Does everything that is needed and it does it well.” – Middlesbrough Council

Available for purchase, the Buzzz Notifier is now a stock item.

For further information and pricing options contact us.

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TSA Quality Standards Framework – Cair Achieves Certification

CAIR are proud to be the first manufacturer of Technology Enable Care (TEC) devices in the UK to achieve the acclaimed TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF) certification.

What is a QSF Certification?

Over two days in June, the TEC Services Association (TSA) visited the Cair premises to carry out a suppliers audit. The new suppliers QSF Certification by the TSA ensures suppliers of TEC equipment work to the highest of standards.


“I’d like to congratulate Cair UK on their recent audit and QSF certification, this will further underpin the quality service that they provide to their many clients.” Alyson Scurfield, CEO, TEC Services Association


These high standards ensure customers and end users are able to benefit from high quality, TEC equipment. As mentioned on the TSA website, TEC Quality’s aim is to ensure that ‘quality and safety’ is at the heart and centre of everything within the TEC sector.

The TSA Quality Standards Framework offers Technology Enabled Care service providers and suppliers a way of demonstrating safety and quality. Furthermore, the framework offers commissioners much needed assurance in an otherwise unregulated industry.   

The Assessment

Wendy Hodgson TEC Quality auditor, assessed the Cair team. The team was led by Stephen Fearnley, Cair’s Quality Manager. Departments that were involved and assessed in the audit include; the Management Team, Sales and Production personnel.


Cair’s Managing Director, Mohammed Chaudhary said, “We consider it an important award that the TSA has introduced to help drive standards forward in the industry. This award shows our commitment to Quality products and customer satisfaction.”


Following the audit a report was received containing positive comments particularly about our staff training. The report also included pointers for potential future improvements to further refine the organisations processes.A copy of the TSA Quality Standards Framework Certificate awarded to Cair (UK) Ltd.

As well as the QSF certification, Cair’s manufacturing facility is already accredited to ISO9001, ISO18001 and ISO14001. These additional accreditation’s have been held by the company for a number of years. More recently, all of Cair’s electronic assembly specialists have been certified with IPC J-STD-001 accreditations. Moving to a person and outcome centred audit allows Cair to demonstrate total commitment to both customers and quality service delivery.

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What is Technology Enabled Care?

Technology Enabled Care Services

Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) may seem fairly self explanatory. Enhancing levels of care with the use of technology. Sounds simple enough, but TECS refer to a variety of technologies. Technology enabled care consists of predominantly telecare, telehealth and telemedicine. Helping anyone whom may require care, from diabetes to epilepsy to chronic long term ailments.

Why use Technology Enabled Care Services? Utilising available technologies reduces NHS costs by enabling people to live independently and safely in their own homes for longer. Let’s take a better look into the different technologies that make up TECS.


Telecare is the most common form of TECS and covers the essential requirements for caring for vulnerable individuals The basic equipment starts with a personal alarm usually worn around the neck or wrist. In an emergency, you would press the button on the personal alarm, sending an alert to a carer via the Buzzz Notifier. A dispersed alarm unit (DAU) can also receive the alert. As a result, the DAU then sends the alarm call to the local authorities who can send a responder or notify family and friends.

Telecare - Technology Enabled Care Services

Depending on the complexity of the individuals needs, other peripheral sensors such as bed mats, PIR’s and fall detectors can also be provided. These sensors give an overall view of daily activities and in some cases can act as prevention systems.



Telehealth uses devices to monitor vital signs in the comfort of your own home. Consequently, this is ideal for patients with long term conditions. Daily data is collected from the do it yourself style kits such as blood pressure monitors and the results analysed. If something outside of the ordinary is detected, this data can then be sent to a clinician.


Therefore, this remote exchange of data between a clinician and a patient at home can reduce the amount of required hospital visits. Hence, this type of technology gives control back to individuals and provides additional reassurance for family members.



Telemedicine, it’s like having a doctor in your front room! Specialist apps or software transform smart device and TV’s into video call devices which allows you to speak with a doctor from anywhere. In a similar way to Telehealth, it is also possible to speak directly with a clinician if and when required.


Telehealth Case Study

Telemedicine Case Study

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The Great Cair Charity Bake Off

This week saw the most anticipated event of the year, Bake Off…The Great Cair Bake Off.

The Cair team went head to head to win the coveted prize of Star Baker.

Entries included sweet and savoury bakes but all were homemade.

The aim of the bake sale was to raise money for Contact the Elderly charity.

At Contact the Elderly they help lonely and isolated elderly people reconnect with their local community. Volunteers take older people to free Sunday afternoon tea parties, offering them a vital lifeline of friendship.

With this great cause in mind, staff made a variety of mouth-watering bakes including; pastry, biscuits, bread, cake, pies, and buns.

Cake displayed on a table for the Cair Bake Off

Whether these were technical, signature or showstopper, it was agreed that all were delicious.

However, special mention must go to some of our engineers that produced some great bakes including the below.

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

After tasting everyone’s bakes, an anonymous vote took place and the winner revealed as production operator, Ewelina.

Which just goes to show our engineering team are great but our production team are even better in not only building product but baking too!

Cair Bake Off people tucking in and eating cake

A massive thank you to everyone that took part!

We raised a fantastic £128.04 for the chosen charity, proceeds will go towards helping end loneliness for local elderly people.

Ewelina won the prize of Star Baker, for her yummy Maxi Bar cakes!



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UKTelehealthcare Yorkshire MarketPlace event

On July 4th, Cair (UK) Ltd. are teaming up with UKTelehealthcare to hold an exhibition at Cair’s HQ in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Approximately 35 industry leading Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) suppliers and providers will exhibit their life saving solutions. In addition, the day will also include exclusive behind the scenes tours of Cair’s state of the art manufacturing facilities. The event will be free to attend for all local authority and housing association representatives.

Register for your free place.

Image of UKTelehealthcare MarketPlace Event.

UKtelehealthcare marketplace_event Yorkshire

Gerry Allmark UKTelehealthcare’s MD said, “We are very encouraged by the interest our TECS MarketPlace events have generated across the UK. We have been running these events in London and the South since 2005. However, recently we have successfully branched out to Wrexham and Carlisle and now to our first Yorkshire event in Halifax.

A number of our MarketPlaces have received sponsorship from our support members, but this will be the first event that has been organised and hosted by a leading UK telecare supplier and we are pleased to partner with Cair to deliver this event in Yorkshire.”

Image of Cair’s in-house manufacturing facility based in Yorkshire.

Cair / UKTelehealtcare UKTHC exhibition MarketPlace Event at Cair HQ

The theme of the event will be ‘Celebrating 20 years of British Manufacture’. Cair’s MD Mohammed Chaudhary has been designing and manufacturing wireless connectivity solutions in Yorkshire for twenty years.

Mr Chaudhary said, “We’re delighted to be given the opportunity to host this event to coincide with our 20th anniversary, and proud to be able to showcase what we can do.”

Cair, set up more recently, provide innovative telecare devices that are unobtrusive. Furthermore, Cair’s latest innovation, the Buzzz notifier can be paired with various suppliers sensors such as bed sensors, epilepsy monitors, door contacts, PIR’s and a wide range of other devices to detect and prevent falls or injuries. In the event of an incident, carers or family members are immediately alerted by the Buzzz.

National Telehealthcare Awareness Week

As well as the Yorkshire MarketPlace event in July, UKTelehealthcare hold many regional TECS events throughout the year. Hence, they’re calling all in the TECS industry to ‘Plan it, Do it and Share it’ for national Telehealthcare Awareness Week on 26th-30th of June. For more information on how to get involved visit the UKTHC website.

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Julie’s 100 mile Walk for Dementia Friendly Todmorden

Cair team member Julie Woolridge is taking part in a 100 mile walk to raise money for people living with Dementia. Julie will walk 100 miles in one month to raise money for a dementia group in Todmorden. She is aiming to raise £100 for the local Dementia Friendly Group.

Julie 100mile walk for Dementia Friendly Todmorden

The Todmorden based group organise a monthly meal for local people living with Dementia. This consists of afternoon tea and a home cooked meal. Occasionally singers also attend, with classic songs often proving as favourites. Dementia Friendly Todmorden was set up in 2015 by Steph Booth whose husband and retired actor Tony Booth lives with Dementia. However, when her caring responsibilities became too great, police officer Sergeant Neil Taylor took over as Chair of the group as Sergeant Taylor’s dad also has Dementia. The organisation is a place for people living with Dementia, their carers and family members to attend once a month to let their hair down and have some much needed fun. The monthly meets are free for all to attend.

For many, Dementia Friendly Todmorden provides a crucial release from their daily routines. Therefore, in order to keep the events going, the Dementia friendly volunteers hold regular fundraisers. The donations raised by the volunteers go towards an enjoyable day for people living with Dementia.

How to Donate

Furthermore, from the very successful bake sale Cair held last year for Silverline charity. Social care causes are close to the heart of our company and we like to support them if we can. Help raise money for this fantastic cause by sponsoring Julie’s 100 mile walk. Support Julie in this challenge by donating via her Just Giving fundraising page.

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Helpline: stylish personal alarms for the elderly

Helpline leading the way in stylish personal alarm systems for their elderly clients

Helpline are proud to claim that they have saved countless lives of elderly people with their first-class alarm systems. They regularly receive letters of thanks from appreciative customers, such as:

“I recommend it to anybody. It’s brilliant, it’s saved my life 3 times. If it wasn’t for that button, I don’t think I would be here”

While immensely proud of the 24/7 care they give and consequent lives they save on a daily basis. Helpline are different in that they also think about the appearance of the alarm system. Alarm system must be worn at all times in order to be effective. Helpline understand that wearers want it to look attractive and also be subtle.

They understand, like us, that life shouldn’t be all about your age or disability, so they provide the Onyx pendant alarm as an additional option. It has all the functions of a personal alarm, but without the unattractive appearance. Subtlety is important, most people who need an alarm don’t want an ugly gadget on show for everyone to see. The Onyx alarm is inspired by the precious black stone of its namesake, meaning it’s stylish, simple and can easily blend in to the wearer’s attire. It can also be worn in different ways, depending on the user, for example as a wrist watch or on a neck chain. It’s up to you.

To take a look at more of Helpline’s glowing testimonials and explore their range of personal alarms for the elderly, follow the link below.

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TSA Conference 2016

CAIR is a UK based designer and manufacturer of innovative Technology Enabled Care Solutions (TECs)  that help towards making daily independence for the vulnerable a reality.

CAIR have led the way with innovation in the industry since launching their first product, the Onyx personal alarm at the TSA conference in 2013. The Onyx personal alarm is the first jewellery inspired pendant in the TEC industry, delivering assistance at the touch of a button. Therefore, the aim being to eradicate the stigma surrounding Telecare and Technology Enabled Care Solutions.

New solutions have subsequently followed since the first conference. Including the Buzzz notifier, a handy alarm receiver that makes personal caring easier. Accepting alerts from up to 150 devices, Buzzz is the industry’s first touch screen notifier. Other innovations include, the TEC industry’s first interlinked smoke and heat sensors that were introduced by CAIR alongside a number of life saving sensors at the previous years TSA Conference.

At this years TSA Conference CAIR once again presented a new Innovation. Professor Eddie Obeng was a speaker at the TSA Conference 2016. The innovator and visionary commented on how CAIR had the best, stand and products in the exhibition area.


Introducing Orion

The latest innovation by CAIR that launched at the conference was Orion. A unique range extender within the TEC industry. Following research conducted by CAIR, it was found that alerts (from pendants to dispersed alarms) can go undetected due to a device being out of range or hitting a ‘blind spot’ within the home. For CAIR this is an undetected alert too many! For example, in one property with an average sized front yard, when a personal alarm was worn and pressed in the yard, the alert was not detected by the dispersed alarm unit. In another older property, alerts remained undetected due to blind spots in the home. This may have been due to thick stone walls or insulation blocking the signal.

…an undetected alert too many!

The Orion range extender is designed to eliminate these blind spots. Orion helps to ensure that no matter where you are in your property, no alert is missed. This is achieved by increasing the signal coverage of your telecare devices throughout the premises by utilising antenna diversity technology. Orion provides the much needed reassurance of no alert going undetected, ensuring care is available at all times.

Orion Range Extender

– END –


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