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CAIR – A Bit About Us

CAIR launched in November 2013, with the aim to make inconspicuous products that help save lives.

Behind the scenes

Although we’ve only recently been providing our very own Telecare solutions, our engineers have been designing and manufacturing radio modules for over 15 years and Telecare solutions for other market leaders for 10 years. The highly skilled in-house production team are responsible for bringing these prototypes to life.

View our state of the art production facilities by taking a tour around our custom built premises…

As the demand increases for CAIR’s innovative new solutions, take a look as we explore the roots of the business.

The History

Starting the company from his home, the Managing Director operated as a sole trader initially providing services to companies under the name of MK Consultants. After charming customers with radio controlled vehicles the company moved into it’s first premises in Yorkshire and began life as a radio modules designer.

CAIR MKConsultants Class 1 Radio Receivers

This eventually led to the purchase of SAM, the company’s first SMD (Surface Mount Devices) machine. Hence, allowing products to be built in house for the first time.

MK Consultants

MK Consultants officially became a fully fledged company that design and manufacture radio modules. Therefore enabling MK Consultants to flourish and a high demand for products led to JUKI, the latest SMD machine. As the equipment, workforce and company grew, it was the MD’s aspiration to help boost the local economy. For this reason all products by the company are made in the UK. This was the beginning of UK electronics manufacturing at it’s best.

CAIR Surface Mount Device JUKI

JUKI can produce on average approximately 2000 radio modules an hour.  The feeders pick and place hundreds of components a minute, many of which are too small to see with the naked eye. Modules then pass along the conveyor belt to the Hotflow oven which secures the components in place. To ensure accuracy and reliability, the automatic optical inspection (AOI) machine thoroughly checks products.

CAIR production premises building

With the additional equipment and work force, rapid outgrowth of the building was inevitable. So a new location only 100m away was found. To allow space for the SMD Machines and ever growing workforce, came the custom built offices and production space.

With the new state of the art work place and facilities it was time to go a step further and expand on the company’s environmental philosophy by investing in solar panels. Also, achieving OHSAS 18001, adding to the previously gained accreditations of ISO 9001 and EMS 14001 since 2004.

CAIR MK Consultants Accreditations


After spotting a gap in the Telecare market, CAIR was born.

CAIR’s primary objective, to supply aesthetically pleasing Telecare solutions that help eradicate the stigma surrounding technology enabled care services. Therefore, focusing it’s expertise in delivering innovative solutions to help live independently for longer.

CAIR Onyx Banner

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Tendring Careline – Showroom Open Day

Tendring Careline Have Assistive Technology Showroom Open Day on Wednesday 3rd June 2015.

Tendring Careline Showroom   Tendring Careline Showroom Shop Front

Tendring Careline’s Showroom was officially opened on the 3rd of June for Telehealthcare Awareness Day. Tendring Careline are part of Tendring District Council, they provide equipment that help vulnerable people in and around Tendring to live independently in their own homes for longer.

Local celebrities were given the honour of cutting the ribbon to mark this momentous day.

Some of the equipment includes things such as sensors, pendant alarms, detectors and a wide range of new, innovative and interactive technologies. The showroom has the appearance of a high end jewellery shop but instead of jewellery it is equipped with life saving devices. One of these devices is the Onyx Pendant Alarm. The Onyx looks like a piece of jewellery but has a button on the face of the pendant which, when pressed calls for assistance. The Onyx can be worn on a neck chain, as a wrist watch or as a brooch. These wearing options are beautifully shown inside the glass cabinets of the Tendring Careline Showroom.


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Health + Care Show 2015 – Featuring The Onyx

CAIR exhibited at the Health + Care Show in the Excel London in the Technology Enabled Care Services Zone on the 24th and 25th of June 2015.

The response from CAIR’s first time exhibiting at the Health + Care Show was overwhelmingly positive with people surrounding the stand and many seeing the Onyx Pendant Alarm for the first time. Many mentioned how the Onyx has brought Technology enabled care into the 21st century by providing assistance at the push of a button whilst it’s unique design ends the stigma surrounding assistive technology.

Brenda Jackson says,

The Onyx  Pendant is the most beautiful pendant on the market!!!

CAIR Onyx Pendant Alarm Health + Care Show

CAIR Stand Health + Care ShowTo celebrate the first time we exhibited the Onyx Pendant  at the Health + Care Show, CAIR’s Managing Director, commissioned designer Nick Shields to produce another piece of jewellery inspired by the Chrome version of the Onyx Pendant. The first was won at last years TSA conference.

The bespoke piece, worth over £600, was offered in a prize draw at the event. All visitors to the stand were eligible for one entry each on completion of a simple quiz.  Correct answers went into the draw and a winner pulled out at random towards the end of the last day.

The winner was announced by Doug Miles from UK Telehealthcare.

After much anticipation a winning entrant was finally drawn from the many that had entered.



The lucky winner was revealed as Michelle Davies from Circle Housing!


CAIR Prize Draw Winner Onyx Jewellery CAIR Onyx Jewellery

After saying she never wins anything, Michelle Davies was truly surprised and elated to be the lucky delegate to win CAIR’s Onyx give-away prize draw. Well done Michelle!

CAIR’s Managing Director said,

We wanted to celebrate the unique design of the Onyx Pendant and to show delegates that it fits easily into people’s lives and reduces the stigma of having to wear a pendant alarm. What better way than to enable a lucky delegate to take home this handsome piece of jewellery inspired by our Onyx Pendant Alarm.


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Telehealthcare Awareness Day

It’s finally here…national Telehealthcare Awareness Day!!!


To celebrate Telehealthcare Awareness Day we unveiled our new ‘SmartCair Studio’ with resounding success. After giving an initial sneaky peak  a lot of interest was gained, from people volunteering their equipment to the general public’s curiosity into how Technology Enabled Care can help assist in daily living, without having to worry about changing your home into an unsocial environment filled with obtrusive equipment.

The opening of the smart flat was held on the 3rd of June – National Telehealthcare Awareness Day, to raise awareness of Technology Enabled Care Services. These services can be as simple as calling for assistance at the press of a button, to sensors that can detect movement and automatically call for help. The smart flat displayed the best of them (including the Onyx pendant alarm).

People were amazed at how useful and simple to use the technology really is!

SmartCair Studio Launch

Technology has vastly improved over the ages from being given a simple whistle to blow in an emergency to having state of the art wearable devices that can monitor the body’s vital signs. Telehealthcare Awareness Day gave us the opportunity to showcase these innovative new products and also to show how it’s still possible to have a home that looks no different to any other despite the numerous gadgets included.

SmartCair Studio

Not only did we include life saving technologies but we also included general household items that would not only improve  a vulnerable persons but anyone’s standard of living.

The SmartCair Studio will be open for people to get a better idea of how to use the equipment and to see that you don’t have to change the way you live in order to benefit from the services available.

Sharon Le Corre, Business Development Manager for CAIR said, “The idea behind the SmartCair Studio is not only to show how far Telecare has come but for people to see that it is possible to have great looking Telecare technology in your house and still have it feel like home – which has to be the way forward, for everyone.”


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Onyx Débuts In The Netherlands !!

The Onyx Pendant Alarm crosses borders with it’s launch in the Netherlands.


Offering users a more aesthetic alternative to choose from, this unconventional design allows the you to wear a personal alarm around the house, giving you peace of mind that help will be provided at the touch of a button.


How can something that looks like an item of jewellery help the vulnerable feel safe in their own homes?

This particular scenario shows how in the event of an incident the button on the pendant is pressed. This links to the base unit which dials out to a call centre. An operative then speaks with the person ensuring all is well.

Depending on the situation, the local authorities are called out for a visit or the emergency services.


The Onyx makes it’s first début performance on international television with the below TV advertisement.

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The ‘SmartCair Studio’ – Take a sneaky peek

Launching our new SmartCair Studio in preparation for National Telecare Aware Day on the 3rd of June!

Filled with potentially  life saving technology from flood detectors to smoke alarms and even the Onyx Pendant Alarm, the SmartCair studio will allow the general public to truly visualise what a home of the future could look like.

We decided to break the mould (again) and create a home that people would be happy to welcome visitors in without the fear of stigma, discrimination and vulnerability.

Gone are the days of intrusive emergency buttons, overwhelming pull cords and grey boxes. The SmartCair Studio shows how achievable it is to live comfortably, with the assistance of discrete gadgets that aid day to day living.

With the recent commitment to Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) from NHS England, we thought the best way to show people where the future of assisted technology is heading is by making it a reality and creating our very own interpretation of a Telecare enhanced home.

Here’s a sneak peek at CAIR’s ultimate studio flat…

SmartCair Studio

SmartCair Studio


For the official opening of our SmartCair Studio, join us on national Telecare aware day on the 3rd of June.

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The Onyx Pendant – Versatile Personal Alarm

The decision to use a personal alarm can be one of the most difficult.

For those who are determined to live independently, there comes a time when a personal alarm is essential in day to day life.

After living an independent life, nobody wants to face the realisation of becoming reliant on others and asking for help. A pendant alarm can assist in maintaining this independence for longer. When the button on the pendant is pressed, a signal is sent alerting friends, family or emergency response teams. This gives security and peace of mind, that in the event of an incident, assistance will be provided.

However, the wearing options for these alarms are limited. What is currently offered on the market does not ease this already difficult decision. All the alarms have a very similar style, white with a large red button. Current alarms can be worn as necklaces or on wrist straps. Many are visually imposing, large buttons. These stigmatise, by displaying the wearer’s vulnerabilities to others.

Making the decision to to use a personal alarm does not mean the wearer should feel exposed to their vulnerabilities, rather the opposite.

This is where our idea of having an alarm inspired by jewellery, was formed.

The Onyx Pendant alarm offers a wide range of wearing preferences and is less stigmatising. Offering an alternative solution, the Onyx not only gives people a non invasive option but gives them their autonomy back.

Watch the video below for a look at our Onyx Pendant alarm in comparison to other alarms currently available.



To keep up to date with all of our latest videos head over to the CAIR Youtube page.

View The Onyx Series.





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Health + Care Show 2015 – Excel London

CAIR will be exhibiting at the Health + Care show at the Excel London on the 24-25 June 2015.

With over 400 exhibitors showcasing products and services, visit our cutting edge exhibit on stand T24. (Opposite the TECS theatre, next to the refreshment bar)

There will also be 3,000 free passes available for anyone who works within the public sector, NHS, is a GP, practice manager or senior care provider…so sign up to attend the Health + Care show before it’s too late!

CAIR Health + Care Show 2015 Exhibitor Stand



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