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It’s World Quality Day!

Today we’re supporting the Chartered Quality Institute in celebrating 100 years of quality.

We’re proud to be an ethical and diverse employer where  continual improvement, safety and protecting the environment are the goals.  ISO quality standards are internationally recognised as a mark of excellence and we are certified to three standards:

  • ISO9001 Quality
  • ISO14001 Environment 
  • OHSAS18001 Safety 

The standards promote continual improvement, so by definition the work never stops!  At present we’re in the midst of transitioning to the new ISO45001 Safety standard which encourages greater leadership and worker participation, and we’ve certainly found that involving staff does benefit the business as well as expanding their knowledge of how processes work and fit together.

We use ISO tools and techniques to help us achieve our goals.  The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle helps to bring about continual improvements.  The Integrated Management System (IMS) joins the system together and provides us with a framework to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. The IMS helped get us here, it’s what keeps us on track and determines how we go forward.

ISO techniques have helped us in our own industry too.  In August 2018 we were awarded the TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF) certification, the first manufacturer of technology enabled care devices in the UK to do so – quite an achievement for an organisation of less than 35 people.

Managing Director Mohammed Chaudhary says “Quality is our mantra, it’s at the heart of everything we do.  We’re supporting this event today to inspire and encourage people towards world level quality. You need the right tools and techniques to get it right and this is what ISO standards provides.  It’s not enough to say we provide quality, reliable products, we must back it up with a tangible commitment to improvement to ensure our customers get what they want – and more, if possible.  

But improvements won’t happen without the commitment and support of a good team to help deliver it.  We make great products and back them up with great support but we can always find ways to make them better, and I’m proud to say that my team shares my values in always looking for ways to improve.  What more could I ask?”

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We’re going to be exhibiting in Paris @ British Embassy (18th March). Then, CARESHOW Bournemouth (26-27th March) - check out the Onyx pendant at stand W141.

CAIR for the Environment

Our ‘state of the art facility’ took the environment into account at every stage of development and will continue to as we grow; so it seemed natural to aim for ISO 14001 – a worldwide standard for environmental improvement for businesses.

ISO 14001 helps the company to be more environmentally friendly, whether it’s how we get rid of our waste to how we reuse our packaging or even what times we use the most electricity; we manage this through our aspects and impacts register.

Our environmental impacts are how our activities as a business affect the environment, from emissions to natural resource usage through to how much of our waste goes to landfill. We look at our highest impacts and come up with objectives to try and cut these impacts down.

Our main areas of focus for the coming year are Electricity, Gas & Waste.

Towards Solar

Solar PV has been a focus of the company for quite some time now. As an electricity thirsty company, creating our own energy and being self-sufficient is a real plus. The benefits of Solar PV are numerous, cutting down natural resource usage, protecting ourselves against grid failures and protecting the environment are key drivers for us.

Recycling Waste Heat

Our internal processes create a lot of residual heat, from our BOGE compressors to our hotflow ovens we lose a lot of heat to the atmosphere. A heat exchanger is a way to capture this heat and use it to reheat our production areas and cut down on gas usage. We’re exploring the options as we speak and  are hoping to implement this as soon as possible.

Re-use, Recycle & Sort
This idea is circulated around our colleagues and work environment on a daily basis. Saving the environment is mostly about changing our mindset and this methodology is something we try to promote on a daily basis.

So if we can reuse we will, if we can recycle we will and if all else fails we sort the waste in a responsible way.

Our waste streams include general waste, mixed recycling and hazardous waste. Reuse starts with packaging which comes into the company, this is mostly cardboard which we then reuse for goods which we dispatch to our customers. We currently reuse about 75% of the cardboard packaging which comes in and we are aiming for a 100% in the future.

If packaging types can’t be reused we look to recycle, our waste management scheme is aimed to be simple to manage, recyclable items are put into mixed recycling which is often referred to as commingled waste. This includes paper, plastic and cardboard which is then sorted by our waste contractor at a special recycling plant. We planned to encourage recycling through ‘ease of access’ the idea being if it’s easy to do, the more invested people become. A good example of this is staff washing yogurt pots so they can be put into mixed recycling rather than into ‘general waste’ which is something which we see on a daily basis.

Finally if it can’t be recycled it goes to general or hazardous waste. General waste tends to be food waste or contaminated waste, essentially if it has food on it, it’s contaminated.

For us hazardous waste is minimal, it comes in the form of waste solder (solder dross) from our surface mount technology or as electrical waste like batteries or populated PCB’s. We have an ‘Ecobox’, a single location for all for our hazardous waste again to simplify how we manage our waste.

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Onyx pendant alarms make waves at TSA 2013

The Onyx pendant alarms were launched at this years international telehealth and telecare conference 2013 (Birmingham, U.K), with visitors appreciating CAIRs fresh approach. Visitors acknowledged CAIRs sensitivity to end user needs and the role of the jewel inspired Onyx pendant alarms in the reduction of stigma. ‘I can see people wearing this, and not leaving it by their bedside’, said one visitor – a comment that was echoed by many.

There’s not much creativity in the telecare market. Most people follow one another. There’s also a degree of a profit orientated approach without sufficient sensitivity to the needs of the end user, who are often times marginalised members of society. It takes bold, courageous and visionary thinking to challenge these norms in order to effect a sea change. We at CAIR have set the standard, will the industry take note and follow?

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Onyx : le médaillon de téléassistance qui se porte comme un bijou – Silver Eco (France)

[Published by SilverEco – France]

La téléassistance peut tout à fait être tendance. De nos jours les médaillons de téléassistance, tout comme d’autres produits à destinations de seniors, ont une esthétique de plus en plus travaillée. Ainsi, la société Britannique CAIR commercialise un médaillon de téléassistance design : ONYX. A l’instar de la société française Assystel et son  pendentif design de téléassistance Framboise, CAIR propose un médaillon de téléassistance « non stigmatisant » pour ses utilisateurs, qui se porte comme un bijou.

CAIR : Onyx, un « bijou » de téléassistancePendant-Cair-Onyx-zoom-téléassistance

CAIR a pris le pari de transformer le médaillon de téléassistance en bijou. Ainsi que le présente le concepteur en téléassistance, ONYX « ressemble à un bijou, mais c’est un pendentif qui offre de l’aide sur simple pression d’un bouton ».

Disponible dans la version Onyx Chrome ou Onyx Carbone et présenté dans un écrin, le médaillon de téléassistance peut être porté comme un pendentif autour du cou. Il est accompagné d’une chaine en argent agrémentée d’un fermoir magnétique pour l’attacher et la détacher facilement.

Onyx peut également se porter au poignet, comme un bracelet (voir l’image ci-dessous), se clipser à une ceinture ou encore s’attacher comme une broche.

Ce médaillon de téléassistance pèse dix grammes seulement, il est résistant à l’eau et fonctionne avec une batterie.


Caractéristiques techniques

Poids : 10 grammes
Dimensions : 46 × 28 × 9 mm
Durée de vie de la batterie : 3-5 ans
Résistance à l’eau : technologie IP67 standard
Températures de fonctionnement : -10°C à 55°C

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CAIR Launches pendant alarms at TSA 2013

For immediate release.

CAIR made its début at the International Telecare and Telehealth Conference 2013 (Birmingham, U.K), with the launch of its first product – the Onyx pendant alarms. Its exhibition featured a bold statement ‘The End of Stigma’.

An innovative new start-up that aims to make a splash in the Telecare market; CAIRs philosophy is simple, it is to perfect its products inwardly and outwardly combined with a genuine care for people and the environment. This philosophy is rooted in every aspect of the business which complies to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety), and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) standards.

CAIR staff are rewarded with a 4 day working week, resulting in an extra-long weekend. The paper used for CAIR’s jazzy rounded business cards was sourced from sustainable forests.  The bold orange presentation box for the Onyx pendent, aptly dubbed, the ‘Goody Box’ is constructed from a unique 100% biodegradable bio-plastic.

The company name is a play on the words Care and Air and was coined by Uwais who led the marketing effort, ‘because Telecare technology essentially involves the transmission of radio signals through the air which help deliver care’.

The Onyx pendent alarms were inspired by jewellery and addresses the critical need of reducing stigma associated with wearing these devices.

Onyx Pendant-Features-Map_small Pendant Alarms

“We need to be more sensitive to the people that wear these devices, wearers shouldn’t be burdened with the feeling of ‘I’m wearing this because I can’t take care of myself…look at me I’m vulnerable’”, said Uwais.

An Onyx pendent looks like an item of jewellery but it’s actually a pendant alarm that delivers help at the touch of a button. It comprises of a glossy piano black exterior and comes with a range of wearing options.

­CAIR products are designed in the U.K, by an elite team of engineers who have spent a lifetime mastering their craft; based in a design centre overlooking the in-house manufacturing facility.



Editors Notes
For further information contact:

Additional Photos




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Engineering Mastery

Malcolm, one of our engineers, in the production facility. Here he’s monitoring our space age fully automatic ‘touchless’ electronics production line robot. It’s the one that produces the circuit boards for the Onyx pendant. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when we release a video demonstrating the robot’s capabilities.

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“We need to be more sensitive to the people that wear these devices, wearers shouldn’t be burdened with the feeling of ‘I’m wearing this because I can’t take care of myself…look at me I’m vulnerable’”.

- Uwais, Cair

The Goodybox

Have you seen it? Tell us what you thought?

Designed by us. Sourced from Germany. According to the manufacturer, it’s made from an industry first bio-plastic. It’s 100% bio-degradable resulting in no harm to the environment.

The planet takes care of us, and we need to take care of it. (Uwais, Cair)

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