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We’re going to be exhibiting in Paris @ British Embassy (18th March). Then, CARESHOW Bournemouth (26-27th March) - check out the Onyx pendant at stand W141.

CAIR for the Environment

Our ‘state of the art facility’ took the environment into account at every stage of development and will continue to as we grow; so it seemed natural to aim for ISO 14001 - a worldwide standard for environmental improvement for businesses. ISO 14001 helps the company to be more

Onyx pendant alarms make waves at TSA 2013

The Onyx pendant alarms were launched at this years international telehealth and telecare conference 2013 (Birmingham, U.K), with visitors appreciating CAIRs fresh approach. Visitors acknowledged CAIRs sensitivity to end user needs and the role of the jewel inspired Onyx pendant alarms in the reduction of stigma. ‘I can see people wearing

Engineering Mastery

Malcolm, one of our engineers, in the production facility. Here he's monitoring our space age fully automatic 'touchless' electronics production line robot. It's the one that produces the circuit boards for the Onyx pendant. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when we release a video demonstrating the robot's

“We need to be more sensitive to the people that wear these devices, wearers shouldn’t be burdened with the feeling of ‘I’m wearing this because I can’t take care of myself…look at me I’m vulnerable’”.

- Uwais, Cair

The Goodybox

Have you seen it? Tell us what you thought? Designed by us. Sourced from Germany. According to the manufacturer, it's made from an industry first bio-plastic. It's 100% bio-degradable resulting in no harm to the environment. The planet takes care of us, and we need to take care of it. (Uwais, Cair)