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CAIR Launches pendant alarms at TSA 2013

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CAIR made its début at the International Telecare and Telehealth Conference 2013 (Birmingham, U.K), with the launch of its first product – the Onyx pendant alarms. Its exhibition featured a bold statement ‘The End of Stigma’.

An innovative new start-up that aims to make a splash in the Telecare market; CAIRs philosophy is simple, it is to perfect its products inwardly and outwardly combined with a genuine care for people and the environment. This philosophy is rooted in every aspect of the business which complies to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety), and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) standards.

CAIR staff are rewarded with a 4 day working week, resulting in an extra-long weekend. The paper used for CAIR’s jazzy rounded business cards was sourced from sustainable forests.  The bold orange presentation box for the Onyx pendent, aptly dubbed, the ‘Goody Box’ is constructed from a unique 100% biodegradable bio-plastic.

The company name is a play on the words Care and Air and was coined by Uwais who led the marketing effort, ‘because Telecare technology essentially involves the transmission of radio signals through the air which help deliver care’.

The Onyx pendent alarms were inspired by jewellery and addresses the critical need of reducing stigma associated with wearing these devices.

Onyx Pendant-Features-Map_small Pendant Alarms

“We need to be more sensitive to the people that wear these devices, wearers shouldn’t be burdened with the feeling of ‘I’m wearing this because I can’t take care of myself…look at me I’m vulnerable’”, said Uwais.

An Onyx pendent looks like an item of jewellery but it’s actually a pendant alarm that delivers help at the touch of a button. It comprises of a glossy piano black exterior and comes with a range of wearing options.

­CAIR products are designed in the U.K, by an elite team of engineers who have spent a lifetime mastering their craft; based in a design centre overlooking the in-house manufacturing facility.



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Cair Onyx Pendant_Carbon and Chrome Pendant Alarms

The Onyx pendant alarms come in 2 variations, Onyx Chrome and Onyx Carbon.


An engineer tinkering away in the production facility.




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