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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility within CAIR is seen as our sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility also known as CSR, is something we’re continually building upon here at CAIR. We break the mould and innovate, not only our products but also in every aspect within the company, including on how to best deliver our CSR policy.

So why are we doing this and how does CAIR’s contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility affect you?                                                     Simply, we care about the community and we care for the environment and always have!

CAIR for the Community

In 2013 we made a controversial and radical decision to expand MK Consultants and start up CAIR. Ordinarily, when a business grows it often relocates and new custom built premises are constructed to accommodate advanced business requirements, usually done using government grants.

A complete regeneration, inside and out of the building took place.

At CAIR we decided to take a different approach and give back to the community where it all began. A bold decision to stay here in Halifax, a little town in Yorkshire. After coming across a derelict old bathroom factory in the heart of Halifax, the managing director saw the building’s potential, the project to bring life back to the old had begun.


CAIR Old Production Floor Panorama Image Corporate Social Responsibility

A complete regeneration, inside and out of the building took place. After the rebuild, the energy efficiency rating for the building went from an E up to a B.


CAIR New Production Floor Panoramic Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing a boost to the local economy by self funding the rejuvenation of a derelict building. Also, due to the expansion, many new jobs became available for local people having a positive effect on the community. What’s better, the more we grow and expand as a company, the greater the positive effect on the local community!

CAIR for the Environment

Our impact on the environment plays a key role in the way the company operates. Continuously looking into ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards protecting the planet for future generations.

With the implementation of our environmental policy which consists of responsible waste management procedures, the electronic switch off policy and the commitment to go paperless within the organisation since 2014. The environmental contributions don’t just stop there. We’re regularly finding ways to give back. From planting over 40 trees in our car park to the installation of solar panels which power our premises.


CAIR Roof Solar Panels Corporate Social Responsibility

Solar panels on roof of CAIR building

It’s not just in our policy but in our ethos to protect the resources required to sustain life on Earth. We reduce and recycle packaging used for our products and also source innovative materials such as bio-degradable plastic used for our Onyx presentation box. We responsibly purchase and request that no conflict materials are sourced by our suppliers. Our philosophy filters down into the little things too! Hence, our team often walk, cycle or car share to work, which all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

To conclude, at CAIR we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and will frequently advance our sustainable environmental practices and continue to support economic growth within the community.

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