Wigan using Cair to support Covid-19 pandemic


The Covid-19 crisis has seen a lot of people and places having to adapt to support the national effort, with conference centres, theatres and even football stadiums transforming their functions to become field hospitals to support patients battling against the virus. Even a Mercure Hotel, in Wigan has found itself swapping their usual business and weekend getaway guests to be a place for rest and recuperation for patients on their way home from hospital. Jane Stevens, Assistive Technology Manager for Wigan Council shared more about the project, and how they worked with Cair UK to provide assistive technology to support the patients and staff.

Two floors of the Mercure Hotel have been utilised, for anybody who needs to use the site, to facilitate blockages relating to Covid-19. The intention was to provide a place of support for those recovering, but needed to isolate away from home, or for those who would normally benefit from a step-down setting post-discharge. There has been a mix of people who have benefitted from the facility, including enabling carer respite for a family in need.

The facility is monitored by staff 24/7, by staff who have been re-deployed within the council. To ensure that every person resting in their rooms has the ability to call for help, assistive technology was a must to enable their safety, and for the staff to be able to work as effectively as possible. Each room has the Cair Onyx pendant, which a patient can trigger to call for help should they feel unwell. The pendants are connected to 2 Buzzz pagers, which are monitored by members of staff. At night-time, where reduced cover is needed, one of the Buzzz pagers is given to security, so that the member of staff can call for help should they need assistance. There are also door contacts which monitor the movements of the front and back entries, to ensure the safety of all on the hotel floors. Each individual who has a stay here, is assessed to understand their needs and identify any other assistive technology needed, which can be added to the solution quickly and easily.

Jane said “Cair quickly responded to our request which enabled us to set up the assistive technology in a short period. We always choose the Buzzz pager because of its ease of use and simplicity. The staff working at this site have come from all different parts of the council, and although some are, many aren’t used to working in a care environment. I needed to ensure that any equipment was going to be simple to use, and with the Buzzz you can easily name the sensors, and alarms are easy to acknowledge. I like equipment that does what it says on the box, that’s what I always consider when I purchase anything, and the Cair equipment does that. Another reason for choosing the Buzzz was that it collects data, and that’s important for us at this site”.