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Integrated Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

Inspired by advancing technology and a desire to help humanity, we relentlessly pursue the production of wireless components and assemblies fit for our loved ones, our ‘nearest and dearest’.

With the help of an integrated management system we comply with international standards for quality, safety and the environment ensuring we control our operations through best practice where practicable.

Continual improvement of the management system helps us to focus on things that we feel are important – customer satisfaction, the environment, and providing safe and reliable products for our end users.

Management objectives drive forward the strategies to direct the organisation.

At the heart of our organisation is a culture of worker participation which values individual and group attitudes and feedback helping us, for example, we ensure a safe working environment for our staff that is free from hazard and risk.

The management system fulfils our legal and other requirements.

Mohammed Chaudhary
Managing Director

Revision 1.2  11 June 2019