Smoke+ and Heat+

Interlinked Smoke and Heat Alarms

The Smoke+ and Heat+ alarms are intelligent, discreet, compact interlinked units. They can be easily programmed to interlink with each other, ensuring all connected devices alert when needed.

The Smoke+ provides the earliest warning of a developing fire whilst being highly resistant to nuisance alarms. The Heat+ is specifically designed for applications where smoke alarms would be unsuitable, such as kitchens, garages and dusty areas. 

Compliant with Scottish Fire Regulations 2022.


Interlinking a group of Smoke+ and Heat+ alarms is easy to do using internal buttons on the devices. Easy to install, the devices will automatically switch on when the devices are secured to their mounting base. A safety lock prevents easy removal.

The sealed devices and transmitter batteries have a 10-year lifespan. The devices include an extra-large test button and a silence button for alarms and low battery.

As well as having a group of interlinked devices, with up to 600m range, the alarms can also be connected to our Notifier pager or compatible dispersed units.

With two easy methods to pair and unpair devices within a group, programming is straightforward and simple.

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