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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility within CAIR is seen as our sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community. Corporate Social Responsibility also known as CSR, is something we’re continually building upon here at CAIR. We break the mould and innovate, not only our products but also in every aspect within the company,
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CAIR – A Bit About Us

CAIR launched in November 2013, with the aim to make inconspicuous products that help save lives. Behind the scenes Although we've only recently been providing our very own Telecare solutions, our engineers have been designing and manufacturing radio modules for over 15 years and Telecare solutions for other market leaders for 10 years. The highly skilled in-house
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Telehealthcare Awareness Day

It's finally here...national Telehealthcare Awareness Day!!!   To celebrate Telehealthcare Awareness Day we unveiled our new 'SmartCair Studio' with resounding success. After giving an initial sneaky peak  a lot of interest was gained, from people volunteering their equipment to the general public's curiosity into how Technology Enabled Care can help assist in
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The ‘SmartCair Studio’ – Take a sneaky peek

Launching our new SmartCair Studio in preparation for National Telecare Aware Day on the 3rd of June! Filled with potentially  life saving technology from flood detectors to smoke alarms and even the Onyx Pendant Alarm, the SmartCair studio will allow the general public to truly visualise what a home of the future could look like. We decided to
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