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CAIR Youtube

CAIR Youtube - CAIRtube Visit the CAIR Youtube channel for latest videos, including our step by step guides on how to change the Onyx pendant alarm into it's different accessories.     You can also learn a little more on what a personal alarm is and how the Onyx is used. In this video we take
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Telecare: Ghosts of Past, Present and Future

Telecare has always enabled the elderly to live independently for longer. Over the centuries, the forms of technology used have varied. Consequently, often the simplest of solutions were deemed the most effective. From a traditional bell used to ring for assistance. To a whistle being worn around the neck as an effective way to alert
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CAIR – A Bit About Us

CAIR launched in November 2013, with the aim to make inconspicuous products that help save lives. Behind the scenes Although we've only recently been providing our very own Telecare solutions, our engineers have been designing and manufacturing radio modules for over 15 years and Telecare solutions for other market leaders for 10 years. The highly skilled in-house
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Onyx Débuts In The Netherlands !!

The Onyx Pendant Alarm crosses borders with it's launch in the Netherlands.   Offering users a more aesthetic alternative to choose from, this unconventional design allows the you to wear a personal alarm around the house, giving you peace of mind that help will be provided at the touch of a button.   How can something that
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The Onyx Pendant – Versatile Personal Alarm

The decision to use a personal alarm can be one of the most difficult. For those who are determined to live independently, there comes a time when a personal alarm is essential in day to day life. After living an independent life, nobody wants to face the realisation of becoming reliant on others and
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Our New ‘How To’ Videos On YouTube

CAIR has officially launched it's Youtube channel!!! We thought that video tutorials on how to attach and detach the Onyx trigger to it's various accessories was a must as we provide different wearing options for our Onyx pendant alarms. Our  'How To' videos are up on our YouTube page. Here's a sneak peak... Our short tutorial clips
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