Tendring Careline Have Assistive Technology Showroom Open Day


Tendring Careline’s Showroom was officially opened on the 3rd of June for Telehealthcare Awareness Day. Tendring Careline are part of Tendring District Council, they provide equipment that help vulnerable people in and around Tendring to live independently in their own homes for longer.

Local celebrities were given the honour of cutting the ribbon to mark this momentous day.

Some of the equipment includes things such as sensors, pendant alarms, detectors and a wide range of new, innovative and interactive technologies. The showroom has the appearance of a high end jewellery shop but instead of jewellery it is equipped with life saving devices. One of these devices is the Onyx Pendant Alarm. The Onyx looks like a piece of jewellery but has a button on the face of the pendant which, when pressed calls for assistance. The Onyx can be worn on a neck chain, as a wrist watch or as a brooch. These wearing options are beautifully shown inside the glass cabinets of the Tendring Careline Showroom.

The Onyx Pendant Alarm looks like a piece of jewellery in the showroom