Working with Bridgend Council to create the Onyx Rainbow


At Cair, we pride ourselves on staying ahead and are always looking to offer new and innovative solutions to your problems. We have the in-house design capabilities to take on new product development from concept to product with ease. We want to create solutions that are really needed and that we would all love to have in our homes, and from an idea proposed by Bridgend County Borough Council earlier this year, the Onyx Rainbow was born.

The team at Bridgend loved the features and design of our new Onyx pendant, which has 5 year battery life and increased range of up to 600m. The Onyx was the first jewellery inspired pendant, first launched in 2013 and designed to look good, be discreet and remove the stigma associated with traditional pendants. In order to be able to offer choice, particularly for those with visual impairments to identify a pendant against a dark surface, they asked if we could look at offering different colour options, whilst still keeping with the jewellery appearance. We accepted the challenge!

Our Industrial Design Lead, Neil initially looked at colouring various components of the Onyx, including the case, metal insert and button. From this, he created a series of photorealistic renders depicting what each route may look like, allowing our Account Manager, Lowri to work with Bridgend to focus and narrow down the options. Bridgend’s Telecare team joined forces with the Visual Impairment team to consider the options which allowed us to nail down the design to fit with their vision and overcome the real challenges they have. Through a series of further renders, we were able to arrive at a focused set of renders and colourways. Of course, we couldn’t just choose one colour, so we arrived together at 5 colour options: yellow, red, green, blue and the Cair orange. The images along with the colour specifications were then sent to our manufacturing partners for samples to be made.

Seeing the Onyx Rainbow being brought to life was so exciting, not only to us at Cair but to Bridgend too. Louise Baker, Telecare and Technology Coordinator, said: “I love the name of the Onyx Rainbow! I’m so grateful that you allowed me to be part of the design process. I love to create stuff, putting ideas into physical products and seeing the changes. Being in the role I am, I don’t have a lot of opportunity to do that, so I’m pleased to have taken on a small part of designing something with you. It’s been the highlight of my working year, and I cannot wait to hopefully do more in the future.”

The Onyx Rainbow is available to purchase now