A day in the life of… Jo


I joined Cair in October 2018 working part time as a cleaner at their office in Halifax. At the start of this year a new role came up and since January I’ve been working as an Admin Assistant full time.

The company holds ISO accreditations for safety, quality and environment and we put a lot of effort into involving staff to help awareness and improvements. My role supports the HR Manager and Quality Coordinator so there’s plenty of variety in what I do. Recently I’ve painted a life-size tree on the wall to display company objectives, taken on responsibility for the fire marshal team, helped deliver ISO training sessions… and organised the ice cream van to come onsite (it’s hot work!).

The company operates compressed hours so we work full time hours over 4 days a week, and don’t work Fridays which is great – as long as you don’t mind early mornings.

Working from Home

In July, due to an unforeseen change in family circumstances, I needed to be able to spend more time in North Yorkshire. Unfortunately, the commute between Halifax and Malton just wasn’t doable 4 days a week. So I talked to HR about it, believing my only option would be to leave the company.

However, the kind people at Cair came up with a solution that meant I could change my working arrangements to include working from home and only coming into the office one day a week.

This has had a massive impact on my work life balance enabling me to carry on working for a company I love and still look after my family in Malton. The company’s response to my situation was unexpected, but fantastic!

I feel lucky to have this opportunity and optimistic for my future career at Cair. The people here are great, and I’d recommend the company to anyone looking for a job.