hack  [hak]  NOUN

To use something in an unexpected way in order to complete a process more effectively.

hack (noun) · hacks (plural noun)

Featured TeleCair Hacks

At Cair we appreciate that products are often used a little differently to how they are intended and we celebrate this, especially when it can save you time and money! Take a look at our favourite TeleCair Hacks below….

A man’s best friend

The Request is great for those with limited dexterity or mobility, as they can trigger the large red button easily to call for help. But did you know this product is animal friendly too? Service dogs can be trained to be able to alert for help for their owners if they find themselves in difficulties, such as experiencing an epileptic seizure. As the Request is wire-free and can be placed on any flat surface, it can be fixed where it’s most convenient

Stretching to the limits…

The Orion can extend the working range of Telecare sensors up to 1km. This is a great way to provide a Telecare package for someone living in an annex, caravan or outside building with no telephone line, away from the main building where the Lifeline could be situated. It’s also a great solution for people living in large houses or with long gardens too!

Ding dong!

The Chime is waterproof and has low-temperature protection, so can be used outside of the home as a doorbell! This has been used to help provide security and safety in supported living accommodation, where the Chime has been placed outside and connected to a Buzzz, advising the staff discreetly that there is a visitor at the door

Have you got a Hack to share?!

Share it with us by tweeting #telecairhack, we’d love to hear how you are using CAIR products.