hack  [hak]  NOUN
To use something in an unexpected way in order to complete a process more effectively.
hack (noun) · hacks (plural noun)

Featured TeleCair Hacks

At Cair we appreciate that products are often used a little differently to how they are intended and we celebrate this, especially when it can save you time and money! Take a look at our favourite TeleCair Hacks below….

Safe in the knowledge

Understanding the environment in your home is very important. We all have smoke alarms, which help keep us safe in the knowledge that we will be alerted if a fire happens. Similarly, CO detectors alert us when dangerous levels of CO are detected within our properties. The Climate is a clever device that can further add security and reassurance within your home. It can detect high temperatures, when someone may be at risk over dehydration and low temperatues, where someone might be at risk of hypothermia. It can also detect a fast rise in temperature, which may help indicate a risk of fire before one begins and even high and low humidity levels too. That’s a lot for a small device!

Safety for users and their visitors 

The trusty pull cord has had a makeover! The Reach is a modern wireless and waterproof pull cord which can be strategically placed indoors and outdoors. For people who find it difficult to press a button, the pull cord can be fitted in high risk areas in the home, so that they and their visitors can raise the alarm if they need support.

Creating safer home environments

Smoke and heat alarms, connected to a monitoring centre, provide the reassurance that help can be called in the event of a fire in a home. The audible alarm in the home also provides a local warning. But what if the heat alarm in the kitchen is sounding and you’re fast asleep in the bedroom? Our brand new interlinked sensors, the Smoke+ and Heat+ ensure all connected devices alert when an event occurs. This means that the smoke alarm in the bedroom would sound if another device elsewhere in the home was activated, providing even more reassurance, a safer environment and the peace of mind that the monitoring centre can be alerted too.

No wires, less problems!

Ok, so bed and chair occupancy sensors are a great way to manage a whole number of things. From being able to support someone when they stand up from their chair, ensuring someone transfers from their bed to a chair safely, or if a person gets up from bed during the night, and doesn’t return within their safe time-frame. Now, as well as our Detect and Sit/Sleep pads, we introduce our Sit and Sleep Advanced. The all-in-one compact units, containing the pad and mini control unit all within a wipe-clean enclosure. This means no wires, making it more suitable for even more bed and chair types. The Sleep Advanced even has fixing holes in each corner to help you secure the device in place!


A security blanket

One limitation to pagers on the market, including our Buzzz, was the ability to offer a security blanket to those who were mainly relying on carers in their own home. With a stand-alone solution, what would happen if the person being supported needs help if their carer has popped out? What if the carer themselves needed support? This led us to develop the divert functionality, allowing families and carers to have the choice to care in the first instance, but gives the reassurance that a call can be diverted to a dispersed unit should the Notifier not be acknowledged. The length of time a call takes to divert can be easily set on the Notifier, or a carer can let the device know they are going to be away so the call goes through to the monitoring centre straight away. Our SOS button also gives the ability for the carer to raise a call for help to the monitoring centre, where it can be identified that it is the carer requesting support and appropriate action can be taken.


See the light!

Our Contact door and window sensor, isn’t only simple to use, it’s really simple to install! The installer feature is designed to help installers decide where to position the Contact and magnet. The LED will illuminate green if the Contact detects the magnet and red if the magnet is too far away. So you really can’t go wrong!


Just ask!

We will let you into a little secret, the ultimate hack is to just ask. Tell us what products you want to see, and any feedback you have about our existing sensors. We have a clever team who are always looking to create the best solutions that deliver exactly what you need. For example, the Onyx Rainbow was born from an idea presented to us by a customer. We have recently changed the timings on our Detect occupancy sensor, as customers were wanting different options. Our upcoming Notifier pager will have the ability to divert straight to a dispersed unit if the carer is away, thanks to valuable feedback during the testing phase. And we have designed a brand new product that will change the way… well, we can’t let you in on all the secrets at once, so watch this space!


A sensitive soul

Our intelligent new fall detector, the CairFall has a sensitive soul built-in. Ok, not quite a soul but it’s fitted with very clever technology that means the sensitivity of the device can be adapted to suit the person. Overcoming one of the biggest challenges in fall detection, our fall detector can easily be programmed to adjust the sensitivity to one of the five settings available. The less active someone is, the more sensitive the CairFall needs to be and vice versa. Check out our video on the support page to see how easy this is to change!


A very clever floor mat

Our floor mat is designed to fit in to any home, which can immediately detect when someone has stepped on it. Traditionally used at the side of the bed to alert that someone has gotten up, there are many other places it can be used. If you are concerned about someone leaving their home, why not place it near the front door to alert you beforehand? You could even place it on the hallway or landing to alert a carer for someone who may need support to use the stairs.


Two for the price of one

Monitoring multiple devices could not be easier with our Detect. Linking to chair, bed pads and enuresis mats, you can manage occupancy and incontinence risks. With two inputs, you can manage twice as much with one device! Whether you want to manage a bed pad and enuresis mat for one person, or support two different people, the Detect can easily be programmed so you know exactly which sensor has been activated as well as who it belongs to.


At the bottom of the garden

If you are someone who enjoys gardening or spending time in an outbuilding, you may be worried that your pendant may not work when you’re too far away from the house, where your main alarm unit is situated. If you have power in an outbuilding, you could plug in our Orion range extender, which extends the range of your devices to ensure your safety when outside the home. But don’t worry, even if you have no power to hand away from the main building, with the Orion’s back-up battery, it can be positioned anywhere to provide the same functionality for up to 12 hours!


An alternative to a property exit solution

Did you know that the Cair Contact replaces the need for an expensive Property Exit Solution in most cases? At a fraction of the cost, it will take only minutes to install! It can be turned on and off at the press of a button. It can be easily programmed to work during specific time windows. It has the ability to give carers time to enter or exit a property without sending a false call. The Contact can also be used as part of a Virtual Property Exit system, to give users time to go outside for a set period without sending an alert, to help promote their independence. All that in one device! It may not be big, but it’s definitely clever!


Telecare on the move

By now, you will know that the Buzzz pager is at the heart of our Telecare solutions, allowing you to monitor multiple sensors with one device. You may be supporting somebody who needs to be able to press the Onyx to call for help or be alerted if the person you are caring for has opened their door or hasn’t returned to their bed at night. But did you know that our equipment is portable, and can be taken with you should you be visiting friends and family or even spending the night away. You can really continue to Cair anywhere!


Keep your nose out

Do you want to keep your pets out of the cupboard where their food is kept? Maybe you want to know when the door under the sink is opened, to keep your toddlers away from the bleach and cleaning products? Do you want someone to be alerted every time you open the treats drawer? Our Contact door sensor really is versatile, and with easy installation you can be really creative in how you use the device!


Doorstep safety

The Chime is so versatile, it can even be used to support people at risk of bogus callers and unwanted visitors. By placing the device strategically and discreetly near the front door, it can be triggered as soon as somebody needs to call for help, without drawing attention. Once the button has been triggered, it can send a silent call through to a monitoring centre, where the operator can listen in and call for the necessary support, such as the police. All calls are recorded too, so it can be used in evidence, providing an extra level of reassurance.


Turn it around

Sometimes, it’s the most simple hacks that can make a real difference…

Our Onyx pendant is available as a wrist worn pendant, as well as our neck cord options. Most people wear this as they would wear their watch, with the face pointing upwards. Did you know that simply turning the Onyx around can give the user even more resistance for an easier push when they need to call for help? Wearing it on their least dominant arm also means they can trigger the pendant with their strongest hand!

Just a reminder

All our sensors are interoperable with other major TEC providers, to give you flexibility in providing person centred solutions. Recorded messages can be programmed to your Lifeline, which can be triggered by the activation of the sensor. The Contact, our versatile door and window sensor, can be used alongside recorded messages to help promote independence for those living with dementia. The person being supported could be reminded during the day to lock the door or take their keys when they are going out. To promote safety at night-time, a message could help remind them that it may not be a suitable time to leave the house.

An alternative to wearing a pendant

We understand that people may not always be able to wear a pendant, or they simply prefer not to. Our place anywhere button, The Chime can be located to high risk areas, so that an alarm can be raised if the person being supported needs help. This may be next to the bed or, as it’s waterproof, even the shower or garden shed. The Chime comes with three mounting options: adhesive, screw and even a magnet pattress. The magnet option means that the button can be moved around the home or garden, and placed near to where the person is, meaning they feel safe everywhere without the need for several devices.  


More than just a door contact

The Contact is our door and window sensor, which can be used inside and outside of the home. But it can really be used on any type of door! Placing the Contact on food cupboards, fridges or medication cabinets can help alert a local carer that a particular door has been opened. If you are concerned for the nutrition of someone living alone, a Contact on a fridge or food cupboard could be used to alert a monitoring centre if it hadn’t been opened by a particular time, or within a particular time frame, when connected via a Lifeline. 


Don’t be alarmed!

The Buzzz pager is the heart of our solutions, and can alert a local carer if any of our connected Telecare sensors are triggered. Have you ever noticed there is an alarm functionality built-in too? This can be used to set reminders, such as helping a carer remember when it is time for the person they care for to take their medication.

A man’s best friend

The Request is great for those with limited dexterity or mobility, as they can trigger the large red button easily to call for help. But did you know this product is animal friendly too? Service dogs can be trained to be able to alert for help for their owners if they find themselves in difficulties, such as experiencing an epileptic seizure. As the Request is wire-free and can be placed on any flat surface, it can be fixed where it’s most convenient.

Stretching to the limits…

The Orion can extend the working range of Telecare sensors up to 1km. This is a great way to provide a Telecare package for someone living in an annex, caravan or outside building with no telephone line, away from the main building where the Lifeline could be situated. It’s also a great solution for people living in large houses or with long gardens too!

Ding dong!

The Chime is waterproof and has low-temperature protection, so can be used outside of the home as a doorbell! This has been used to help provide security and safety in supported living accommodation, where the Chime has been placed outside and connected to a Buzzz, advising the staff discreetly that there is a visitor at the door.

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