Bogus Caller Alarm/Nurse Call/Doorbell

Our smart, wireless Chime button can be placed anywhere to raise an alarm. Versatile, use it as a bogus caller system, or with its low temperature protection and waterproof design, it can even be used as an external doorbell. Looking for a sleeker, smarter, more cost-effective Nurse Call solution in shared living or a care setting? The Chime can be tailored with our Buzzz and range extender for the most affordable, wireless solution yet!


The compact, wireless device allows it to be positioned in any location with multiple fixing options. The Chime has three options for mounting – adhesive, screwed, and an innovative magnetic pattress enabling the device to be moved around the home where needed!

Its unique waterproof and low temperature resistant design ensures reliability when used inside and outside the property

Chime also boasts a 600m line of sight range and a 7-year replaceable battery life

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