What we do

Cair: Providing care over the air.

We believe everyone’s lives can be improved through innovative solutions and better design. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating telecare and smart technologies that we would all want in our homes. Our technology is designed with everyone in mind, and our aim is to create solutions that are inclusive and improve quality of life; we want to make a difference in the lives of everyone who uses our equipment. Continually striving to make the future better, our talented and creative team work closely with our customers to create the solutions that are really needed, fuelled by a genuine care for people and the environment…and a mug of Yorkshire tea or two.

Our founder’s mantra:
“Design the product for your loved ones, your nearest and dearest.”

Made in Yorkshire

That’s right! All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Halifax. Our modern manufacturing facility is ideally placed near the M62 in the centre of the UK, to service our customers wherever you may be. The kettle is always on, so if you would like to organise a factory tour click here.

CAIR’ing for us all

Caring for the environment is very important to all of us at Cair. We are taking a number of steps to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environmental performance. As part of this effort, we are striving to eliminate ALL plastics in our packaging whilst ensuring our devices are designed for easy disassembly and recyclable materials are used wherever possible. We have even created our own range of eco cleaning products that are used throughout our facilities. True to our ethos of technology driven design, we have also installed 4 electric car charging ports that we encourage our staff and visitors to use. We also have a large 50KW array of solar panels on our factory’s roof, which is able to service a portion of our factory’s requirements, eliminating our demand on the national grid.

Meet some of our team…

Each one of our colleagues plays a part in shaping the future. Get to know a bit more about them today….


Electronics Assembler

When did you join? October 2014

Why do you work for this company: Contributing my bit for the community

Favourite hobby: Fishing

My life quote is: Life is what happens when you’re making plans

Hidden talent: Mean chess player


Business Systems Developer

When did you join? February 2009

Why do you work for this company: Every day is an interesting challenge

Favourite film: Blade Runner

First ever concert: Animal Kwackers

Weirdest food I've ever eaten: Frogs legs


Electronics Assembler

When did you join? November 2008

Why Cair? I like the products that we produce and I like all the rest of the employees

My life quote is: Don’t worry, be happy

Favourite sport: I loved running but can’t do it now

First ever concert: Donny Osmond


Production Line Leader

When did you join? January 2013

Why Cair? Because I like what we do

Favourite cheese: Garlic cheddar

Favourite film: Lord of the Rings

Fictional place I would like to visit: The Kingdom of Far Far Away (Shrek)


Regional Account Manager

When did you join? February 2020

Why Cair? Everyone wants to make a real difference to people's lives

My colleagues would describe me as: Excitable

My life quote is: Think positive, be positive

Hidden talent: Making scotch eggs (the best is an onion bhaji one!)


Product Engineer

When did you join? January 2014

Why Cair? I like working here. I like what I do

Favourite hobby: Songwriting

First ever concert: Rolling Stones, Manchester Free Trade Hall

Weirdest food I've ever eaten: Sea slug


Software Developer

When did you join? July 2017

Why Cair? Interesting, challenging and involves new technologies

Favourite cheese: White stilton with apricot

My life quote is: If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, so do it yourself

Hidden talent: Plastering


Industrial Design Lead

When did you join? January 2017

Why Cair? The challenge of creating innovative solutions for a very worthy market

I am most likely to: See both sides

Favourite film: Drive

Weirdest food I've ever eaten: My young son once convinced me to try Wotsits dipped in yoghurt.... Not recommended!

Neil J

Operations Manager

When did you join? April 2022

Why Cair? The company has Ethics, great people and is forward thinking

I am most likely to: Stand out in a crowd

Favourite book: Legend by David Gemmell

First ever concert: Bruce Springsteen live in Gateshead Stadium 1985


Warehouse Operative

When did you join? April 2023

Why Cair: I like that the company makes products to help people!

Favourite cheese: Camembert

Favourite film: The Great Escape

Favourie sport: Football


SMD & Electronics Assembler

When did you join? April 2012

Why Cair? It's a good place to work, it has a good atmosphere

My life quote is: Everything happens for a reason

Favourite book: The Girl from Barefoot House by Maureen Lee

Fictional place I would like to visit: Alfheim


Technical Support Engineer

When did you join? March 2007

Why do you work for this company: Enjoy the work

My colleagues would describe me as: Wizard

I am most likely to: Be in diagnostic mode

Fictional place I would like to visit: Babylon 5


Supply Chain Manager

When did you join? June 2013

Why Cair? For my future

Favourite film: Shaun of the Dead

My life quote is: Focus on yourself and not what others think

Weirdest food I've ever eaten: Pink bun burger


Quality Control

When did you join? March 2019

Why do you work for this company: Great ethics, friendly people and love not working Fridays

Favourite book: The Stand

First ever concert: Diana Ross

Weirdest food I've ever eaten: Banana and cucumber sandwich or fried egg and mint sauce sandwich


Managing Director

When did you join? From the beginning!

Why Cair: Seems to follow me everywhere

I am most likely to: Be found drinking tea and nibbling

Proudest career moment: Being able to offer employment to my fellow citizens

Hidden talent: Foreign languages


Electronics Assembler

When did you join? May 2018

Why do you work for this company: I like working here. because people are very
nice, and the atmosphere is lovely

Favourite film: A Desert Flower

Favourite hobby: Baking and cooking I lust love it


Accounts Administrator

When did you join? April 2016

Why Cair? It's local, has a friendly atmosphere.

Favourite cheese: Cake

Favourite hobby: Genealogy

First ever concert: Meatloaf


Production Operator

When did you join? September 2013

Why Cair? Very good company to work for

My life quote is: Age does not come on its own

Favourite sport: Rugby League

First ever concert: Hot Chocolate


General Manager

When did you join? October 2015

Why Cair? It's a nice company with great people, and what we do helps others

Favourite cheese: Manchego

Favourite sport: Rugby Union

Fictional place I would like to visit: The Shire


Administrative Assistant

When did you join? September 2023

Why Cair? Good company, friendly people, good products

Favourite cheese: Garlic and herb

My life quote is: The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

First ever concert: Tears for Fears


We know that as well as producing exciting and innovative products, it would mean nothing without the right standards to ensure every one of our products is safe and robust, so we are very proud to show these off….
“We’re proud that the management system we use for the operations side of our business is certificated to three ISO standards by Centre for Assessment, the UKAS accredited certification body, i.e. ISO 9001:2015 Quality to help work more efficiently and reduce product failures, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety to help reduce accidents in the workplace and ISO 14001:2015 Environment to help reduce environmental impacts, waste and be more sustainable.”

Join Cair

Cair to join us…

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  • is passionate for what you do
  • uses common sense
  • has a teamwork ethic
  • is creative and energetic
  • is an out of the box thinker
  • is looking for your next challenge

… then you could fit well with our Cair family and we’d love to hear from you! Phone us on 01422 399157 or email us and we’ll see if we can help each other. Your avatar (and a lovely Yorkshire brew) are waiting!

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