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Buzzz Testimonials

  • It is better than every other pager that we have used. Does everything that is needed and it does it well.

    / Middlesbrough Council /

  • More user friendly and longer battery life (compared to other devices on the market).

    / Rotherham Borough Council /

  • User friendly product... looks great. This product has been needed for a long time.

    / Hampshire County Council /

  • The Buzz is an improvement on other hand held sets. It’s fashionable and funky and serves the purpose of alerting carers

    / Kirklees Council /

  • Far superior to anything else currently on the market.

    / Yorkshire Coast Homes /

  • The strength of signal and battery level indicator is a great use to our team who install telecare alarms. This function enables an installer to show RF signal strength in a property without having to use various pieces of kit. Great product.

    / Worcestershire Telecare /

  • As an installer, I found the Buzzz so easy to use and setup.

    / Red Alert /

  • Probably the best product I have seen in years.

    / Argenti /

  • We support adults within a short breaks setting, the system enables our guests to lead a more independent life during their break with us.

    / Community Integrated Care /

  • We are very impressed with the device and would consider this as our main pager.

    / Lambeth Council /

  • It's compact, has a clear screen, easy to set up and has excellent battery life.

    / Faire Community Careline Service /

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You Said, We Did – Extra Buzzz Features

Designed to make caring easier. The Buzzz is a time saving, efficient and cost effective solution. The Buzzz is a new and innovative Telecare solution disrupting the marketplace in an industry that has had little progression in over a decade. Buzzz Notifier is a stand alone alarm receiver, with a

What is Technology Enabled Care?

Technology Enabled Care Services Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) may seem fairly self explanatory. Enhancing levels of care with the use of technology. Sounds simple enough, but TECS refer to a variety of technologies. Technology enabled care consists of predominantly telecare, telehealth and telemedicine. Helping anyone whom may require care, from diabetes

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