Our smart, interoperable technology is designed to be flexible and adaptable too, allowing you to find the most person-centred solutions. Browse through our products to find out more, and how they can help you, your loved ones and the people you support.


Portable Alarm Receiver

The Cair Notifier is an innovative portable alarm receiver. Designed to make caring easier and simpler. The Notifier can be used from one-to-one scenarios all the way through to care home settings, linking with up to 150 devices and storing as many as 30 alerts at a time. The carer will receive direct alerts on the Notifier, informing them exactly where the alert is coming from, enabling a prompt and targeted response


Bogus Caller Alarm/Nurse Call/Doorbell

Our smart, wireless Chime button can be placed anywhere to raise an alarm! Versatile, use it as a bogus caller system, or with its low temperature protection and waterproof design, it can even be used as an external doorbell.


Fall Detector

With five sensitivity levels, the feature rich CairFall is an intelligent and easy to configure fall detector which is suitable for more users than ever! We have worked closely with a wide range of users to create the most versatile fall solution, which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. Promoting independence and confidence, this clever, lightweight device allows individuals to move around their home, knowing that an alert will be raised if they suffer a hard fall. The easy to press button also allows the user to manually call for help.


Flood Sensor

The Flood is the sleekest, most discreet way to detect leaks and floods. Waterproof to IP67 standard, it can be used time and time again.


Door/Window Sensor

Contact, our innovative door and window monitoring solution, which offers so much more than you’re used to. An interoperable, waterproof solution that will fit in to wherever someone chooses to call home.


Combined Occupancy/Enuresis Sensor

The simple but smart Detect allows you to monitor occupancy and enuresis in one unit! Visual and audible indication can provide additional reassurance too.


Personal Alarm
The Onyx is the world’s first jewellery inspired personal alarm. With an increased range of up to 600m, and interoperable with other major TEC suppliers, it’s our most advanced pendant yet!


Occupancy Pads

Working with the Detect, the discreet chair and bed pressure pads give you clever occupancy monitoring.


Incontinence Mat

Working with the Detect, the Enuresis mat provides a more discreet, less intrusive means of detecting incontinence.


Large Button Radio Alarm
Request, the large easy to press wireless call button. Sensitive enough to detect the slightest touch, it’s a simple way to call for help easily, and with no wires it can be installed anywhere!


Range Extender

The Orion turns signal black spots into hotspots, boosting the signal of TEC sensors up to 1km, ensuring life-critical alarms never go undetected.


Floor Pressure Mat

Cair Floor is a large, high quality, non-slip floor pressure mat. When used in conjunction with a universal sensor like the Cair Connect, it will alert immediately when a user stands on it.


Medication Dispenser

The automatic pill dispenser allows medication to be dispensed safely and securely at the time it is needed. When the medication is ready to be taken, the device will rotate to release the medication and there will be an audible alarm as well as LED indication.

Sit/Sleep Advanced

Wireless Bed/Chair Sensors

No wires, less problems! The Sleep Advanced and Sit Advanced are all-in-one bed and chair occupancy devices.

The simple and easy to use devices contain an occupancy mat and a small control unit within a single, wipe clean enclosure. The absence of wires means that the unit is much less likely to be tampered with, or accidentally disturbed.

Smoke and Heat+

Interlinked Smoke and Heat Detectors

The Smoke+ and Heat+ alarms are intelligent, discreet, compact interlinked units. They can be easily programmed to interlink with each other, ensuring all connected devices alert when needed.


Wireless Waterproof Pullcord

The Reach is a waterproof, wireless, easy grab long length pull cord switch for indoor and outdoor environments.

Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms or sitting rooms, the Reach can be strategically placed around the home to add an extra level of safety and reassurance in case of emergency, particularly for users who find it difficult to press a button, or for locations where wearing a personal alarm isn’t ideal.


Sleep Movement Monitor

The Cair Emfit is a sleep movement sensor system with the ability to transmit alerts wirelessly.

This solution monitors and analyses movement to determine and notify if irregular movement has been detected. The Emfit solution consists of a bed sensor, control unit and Cair transmitter. 



Wireless Radio Alarms

The CO, Heat and Smoke alarms are discreet, compact units which will provide the earliest possible warning of risks in the home environment.

When an event is detected, a loud audible alert will be emitted and a radio message will be sent to the alarm receiving device too.


Heat and Humidity Detector

The Cair Climate is a temperature sensor and humidity sensor all in one, small, discreet device. It can detect high and low temperatures, a fast rise in temperature, and high and low humidity levels. 

The Climate contains a selection of 8 different threshold levels for each option, and is easy to program with the on-board button.