Our smart, interoperable technology is designed to be flexible and adaptable too, allowing you to find the most person-centred solutions. Browse through our products to find out more, and how they can help you, your loved ones and the people you support


Portable Alarm Receiver

The Buzzz pager allows a carer to receive immediate alerts whilst supporting up to 150 devices. With a touch screen LCD display, the Cair Buzzz is simple, intuitive to use and customisable, providing personalised assistance to on site carers


Bogus Caller Alarm/Nurse Call/Doorbell
Our smart, wireless Chime button can be placed anywhere to raise an alarm! Versatile, use it as a bogus caller system, or with its low temperature protection and waterproof design, it can even be used as an external doorbell


Door/Window Sensor
Contact, our innovative door and window monitoring solution, which offers so much more than you’re used to. An interoperable, waterproof solution that will fit in to wherever someone chooses to call home


Flood Sensor
The Flood is the sleekest, most discreet way to detect leaks and floods. Waterproof to IP67 standard, it can be used time and time again


Personal Alarm
The Onyx is the world’s first jewellery inspired personal alarm. With an increased range of up to 600m, and interoperable with other major TEC suppliers, it’s our most advanced pendant yet!


Combined Occupancy/Enuresis Sensor
The simple but smart Detect allows you to monitor occupancy and enuresis in one unit! Visual and audible indication can provide additional reassurance too


Incontinence Mat
Working with the Detect, the Enuresis mat provides a more discreet, less intrusive means of detecting incontinence


Occupancy Pads
Working with the Detect, the discreet chair and bed pressure pads give you clever occupancy monitoring


Range Extender
The Orion turns signal black spots into hotspots, boosting the signal of TEC sensors up to 1km, ensuring life-critical alarms never go undetected


Large Button Radio Alarm
Request, the large easy to press wireless call button. Sensitive enough to detect the slightest touch, it’s a simple way to call for help easily, and with no wires it can be installed anywhere!


Medication Dispenser

The automatic pill dispenser allows medication to be dispensed safely and securely at the time it is needed. When the medication is ready to be taken, the device will rotate to release the medication and there will be an audible alarm as well as LED indication


Floor Pressure Mat

Cair Floor is a large, high quality, non-slip floor pressure mat. When used in conjunction with a universal sensor like the Cair Connect, it will alert immediately when a user stands on it

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