We are Cair. Creating smart technologies that help care for everyone.

We produce innovative solutions that help keep you, your loved ones or the people you support safe, with technology that we would all want to have in our homes. Whatever your situation, you’re likely to find the solution here.

Intelligent solutions ensure that people who need support can be cared for 24/7, without putting unnecessary demands on carers. Our equipment provides a safer environment whilst allowing care to be delivered in a much smarter way.

The Cair product range offers solutions to many challenges faced by those with additional needs, allowing them to stay safe, supported and connected, wherever they choose to call home. This is telecare, but not as you know it.

Our products are designed to not only work well, but look great too. At Cair we strongly believe that good design shouldn’t be reserved for the young and able, good design is inclusive.

What We Say

“We listen, and we have designed our products for what our customers, and us, would like to have in our own homes to care for our loved ones. We stand out, because we stand up and listen.”

What Our Customers Say

“Seeing and testing the products first hand, these are the finest in the industry and something that I would be proud to have in loved ones homes.”
/ Gary Clark, Orestone Controls Ltd.

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Design for All

Design for All

At Cair, we strongly believe that innovation has the ability to add real world value to our product offerings. We also believe that good, thoughtful design should transcend every market inclusively....

Quality Matters

Quality Matters

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