Cair People


Each one of our colleagues plays an important part in shaping the future. Creating new concepts, designing the equipment and manufacturing the final products all take place in our creative hub in the centre of Halifax. Here are some insights from just a few of our talented pool of staff.

Cair product development is about delivering the appropriate technology required by the customer and by the product design. Real customers and end-users are involved at the beginning and the end of the development. During development they are dutifully represented by Cair Sales and Marketing and our Managing Director. The small team of very skilled and able engineers are diligent and absolutely tenacious in their delivery of a working product that’s fit for the market and fit for production. I’m proud to be working alongside them. (Steve)

Cair is a forward looking, dynamic company and it is a pleasure working here as Business Systems Developer. Over the years I’ve been able to gain experience of nearly every facet of the workings of the company by writing the software which enables many of the internal operations – all the way from goods inward, through production management to dispatch. More recently I’ve had the opportunity to work in research and development, creating proof-of-concept designs for new products, this means having to understand the needs of our customers as well. I’m excited to see our future products come to fruition and help the people we serve as a business. (Sean)

Having worked in the design industry for over 15 years for a wide and varying range of clients I wanted to move to a company that wanted to make a real difference to people in need of good, thoughtful design. Cair is a company that really values the individual and what they can bring to the team and it was obvious from day 1 that I would fit in. The culture at Cair is one of striving to be the best, this is core to how I design the products and is at the forefront when considering design options. This role allows me to create a coherent design language that transcends the entire product offering, from the products’ look and feel, to the marketing, right down to the packaging. (Neil)

Cair ’s sales and marketing department is certainly not like any other place I have known before. We are given the opportunity to talk and listen to people in order to understand their needs, challenges and what they really need from technology. Having the opportunity to do this allows us to work closely with our product design and development team to create the right solutions. The ethos of making e ver yone ’s lives better is felt throughout the business, and I am encouraged to build meaningful relationships with our customers and partners, whilst having a bit of fun on social media too. (Lowri)

All the Production Team are very proud of the part we play in helping our end users to live an independent life for longer. The department is a modern environment with state of the art equipment. All our products are manufactured & tested here by skilled operators. We work to very high standards to ensure every product leaves here the very best it can be. E very stage of manufacture is subject to rigorous quality checks & we pride ourselves with having a very low failure rate during our processes. Our motto is ‘Quality, Quality, Quality’. (Jean)

As the Supply Chain Manager for Cair, I manage data, compliance and risk across national and global supply chains. We strive to reduce cost and ensure consistent procurement processes. We work closely with both our customers and suppliers to provide us with new technologies which in turn helps us facilitate entry into new markets. (Tipu)

You might think HR and Quality in the same department is an odd mix but we’ve brought together a unique set of skills that we’re proud to say has helped create a great working environment that encourages opportunities for innovation at every level. We’re all about continual improvement, something the workforce are keen to contribute towards and colleagues are constantly coming up with new ideas – I haven’t worked anywhere else where that has genuinely been part of day to day operations. For us quality of life and positive mental health are important, so we like to have a good laugh too! (Alison)