Who are Cair?


Cair UK was launched in 2013, with a mission to improve people’s lives through innovative technologies. Our Managing Director, Mohammed had been making wireless technologies for over 13 years, and saw an opportunity to elevate the telecare industry. He set out to create an ethical, creative and passionate company that would design technologies you not only need, but would want in your home.

We believe that everyone’s lives can be improved through innovative solutions and better design. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating telecare and smart technologies that work well and look good too. Our technology is designed with everyone in mind, and our aim is to create solutions that are inclusive and improve quality of life. We aim to make a difference in the lives of everyone who uses our equipment. We continually strive to make the future better, with every member of our talented and creative Cair family contributing to each new development, whilst working closely with our customers to create the solutions that are really needed, fuelled by a genuine care for people and the environment… and a mug of Yorkshire Tea or two.