Cair: A Bit About Us


CAIR launched in November 2013, with the aim to make inconspicuous products that help save lives.

Behind the scenes

Although we’ve only recently been providing our very own Telecare solutions, our engineers have been designing and manufacturing radio modules for over 15 years and Telecare solutions for other market leaders for 10 years. The highly skilled in-house production team are responsible for bringing these prototypes to life.

View our state of the art production facilities by taking a tour around our custom built premises.

As the demand increases for CAIR’s innovative new solutions, take a look as we explore the roots of the business.

The History

Starting the company from his home, the Managing Director operated as a sole trader initially providing services to companies under the name of MK Consultants. After charming customers with radio controlled vehicles the company moved into it’s first premises in Yorkshire and began life as a radio modules designer.

This eventually led to the purchase of SAM, the company’s first SMD (Surface Mount Devices) machine. Hence, allowing products to be built in house for the first time.

MK Consultants

MK Consultants officially became a fully fledged company that design and manufacture radio modules. Therefore enabling MK Consultants to flourish and a high demand for products led to JUKI, the latest SMD machine. As the equipment, workforce and company grew, it was the MD’s aspiration to help boost the local economy. For this reason all products by the company are made in the UK. This was the beginning of UK electronics manufacturing at it’s best.

JUKI can produce on average approximately 2000 radio modules an hour. The feeders pick and place hundreds of components a minute, many of which are too small to see with the naked eye. Modules then pass along the conveyor belt to the Hotflow oven which secures the components in place. To ensure accuracy and reliability, the automatic optical inspection (AOI) machine thoroughly checks products.

With the additional equipment and work force, rapid outgrowth of the building was inevitable. So a new location only 100m away was found. To allow space for the SMD Machines and ever growing workforce, came the custom built offices and production space.

With the new state of the art work place and facilities it was time to go a step further and expand on the company’s environmental philosophy by investing in solar panels. Also, achieving OHSAS 18001, adding to the previously gained accreditations of ISO 9001 and EMS 14001 since 2004.


After spotting a gap in the Telecare market, CAIR was born.

CAIR’s primary objective, to supply aesthetically pleasing Telecare solutions that help eradicate the stigma surrounding technology enabled care services. Therefore, focusing it’s expertise in delivering innovative solutions to help live independently for longer.