CAIR’s Star Studded Stand at TSA Newport Event


CAIR had an overwhelming response at the TSA Newport event, held in the Celtic Manor Hotel.

The two day event on the 17-18 of November was a star studded event. CAIR’s inviting stand was not only visited by hundreds of people but a few celebrities also stopped by to gaze at the unique Onyx pendant alarm. The first being, the inspirational Esther Rantzen. Esther thought the jewellery inspired Onyx was beautiful compared to other pendant alarms. She also talked about Silverline and the brilliant work they do to keep the elderly from being lonely.

Esther visited the CAIR stand after delivering a heart warming speech

Next to visit, was the one and only Dr. Who! After travelling through time and space, the Doctor exploded on to the scene to inspect the Onyx pendant alarm. After probing the Onyx with his sonic screwdriver, Dr. Who gave the Onyx the seal of approval and assured everyone that CAIR and it’s jewellery inspired pendant alarm is the future of telecare.

Out of this world!

The Doctor was shortly followed by record breaking band “The Zimmers” who performed whilst wearing some personalised Onyx pendant alarms.

To top off the star studded event was world class hurdler himself Colin Jackson. After mentioning that as people get older, they don’t lose their fashion sense, we agreed that the Onyx pendant would be the perfect solution, allowing people to call for help without losing their dignity.

And the winner is…

Colin Jackson then went on to present the winner of “The Great Onyx Give-away”.