Helpline: Stylish personal alarms for the elderly


Helpline leading the way in stylish personal alarm systems for their elderly clients

Helpline are proud to claim that they have saved countless lives of elderly people with their first-class alarm systems. They regularly receive letters of thanks from appreciative customers, such as:

“I recommend it to anybody. It’s brilliant, it’s saved my life 3 times. If it wasn’t for that button, I don’t think I would be here”
While immensely proud of the 24/7 care they give and consequent lives they save on a daily basis. Helpline are different in that they also think about the appearance of the alarm system. Alarm system must be worn at all times in order to be effective. Helpline understand that wearers want it to look attractive and also be subtle.

They understand, like us, that life shouldn’t be all about your age or disability, so they provide the Onyx pendant alarm as an additional option. It has all the functions of a personal alarm, but without the unattractive appearance. Subtlety is important, most people who need an alarm don’t want an ugly gadget on show for everyone to see. The Onyx alarm is inspired by the precious black stone of its namesake, meaning it’s stylish, simple and can easily blend in to the wearer’s attire. It can also be worn in different ways, depending on the user, for example as a wrist watch or on a neck chain. It’s up to you.

To take a look at more of Helpline’s glowing testimonials and explore their range of personal alarms for the elderly, follow the link below.