It’s Recycling Week!


Every week is recycling week for us. At CAIR we have a keen belief in doing what we can to help protect the environment. Once you join an organisation like CAIR, where the commitment to environmental protection is manifested into day to day operations, those ideals become ingrained and before you know it they spread from work to home, like recycling plastics or switching off lights.

We have a keen emphasis on environmental responsibility. We believe everyone on the planet has a responsibility to protect the natural environment. If you look at our social media you can see some of what we’ve been doing. You could say there’s nothing ground-breaking there, but it doesn’t have to be large scale, small acts can have a big impact. All you need is the determination and commitment to do something about it. Initiatives can be simple, easy to put into practice and have a positive impact on the business as well as the environment.

We’ve taken things a step further too. We hold ISO14001:2015 certification and as part of our management programme we’re continuously looking for ways to reduce our impact on the natural world. One of our management objectives is to reduce our own-use plastics by a minimum of 5% to help prevent pollution and reduce waste. We reuse or recycle plastics and other materials wherever we can, whether that’s at work or at home. Some of our current initiatives include:

  • reusing component reels
  • recycling incoming plastic packaging
  • replaced our own plastic packaging with recyclable materials
  • repurposing plastic bottles e.g. as planters
  • buying cleaning materials in bulk
  • making our own face coverings from recycled fabric
  • recycling soft plastic to create eco bricks

Getting involved in recycling isn’t difficult, it can inspire you to come up with ideas on what else you could do to reduce waste, reuse stuff, protect biodiversity and promote sustainability. We’re always keen to do more and we’re always on the lookout for new initiatives. We believe that playing our part in recycling goes some way towards protecting the environment.

We all can and should do our bit now to help sustain the environment for the future. So get into the habit of reducing, reusing and recycling stuff.