National Telehealthcare Awareness Day


Grand Opening!

To celebrate Telehealthcare Awareness Day we unveiled our new ‘SmartCair Studio’ with resounding success. After giving an initial sneaky peak a lot of interest was gained, from people volunteering their equipment to the general public’s curiosity into how Technology Enabled Care can help assist in daily living, without having to worry about changing your home into an unsocial environment filled with obtrusive equipment.

The opening of the smart flat was held on the 3rd of June – National Telehealthcare Awareness Day, to raise awareness of Technology Enabled Care Services. These services can be as simple as calling for assistance at the press of a button, to sensors that can detect movement and automatically call for help. The smart flat displayed the best of them (including the Onyx pendant alarm).

People were amazed at how useful and simple to use the technology really is!

Technology has vastly improved over the ages from being given a simple whistle to blow in an emergency to having state of the art wearable devices that can monitor the body’s vital signs. Telehealthcare Awareness Day gave us the opportunity to showcase these innovative new products and also to show how it’s still possible to have a home that looks no different to any other despite the numerous gadgets included.

Not only did we include life saving technologies but we also included general household items that would not only improve a vulnerable persons but anyone’s standard of living.

The SmartCair Studio will be open for people to get a better idea of how to use the equipment and to see that you don’t have to change the way you live in order to benefit from the services available.

Sharon Le Corre, Business Development Manager for CAIR said, “The idea behind the SmartCair Studio is not only to show how far Telecare has come but for people to see that it is possible to have great looking Telecare technology in your house and still have it feel like home – which has to be the way forward, for everyone.”