Plastic Free July


In less than 30 years time there could be more plastic, by weight, than fish in the sea. Imagine that!

But we don’t need to imagine it. The truth is, it’s happening right now. We all know plastic is bad for the environment: animals ingest it, it clogs up waterways and sits in oceans, it gets everywhere and lasts forever … there’s even plastic in teabags!

The problem is so great and widespread that improving it seems impossible but if we make just one small change to reduce or dispose of plastics properly it’ll soon add up. Things are changing, awareness is growing and new initiatives for removing or recycling plastics are popping up all the time – thanks in part to the sterling work of Sir David Attenborough and those like him.

It’s sad but true that only 10% of plastic in the world is recycled. It’s widely publicised that humans need to do better.

Sir David Attenborough’s plastic message

Cair has a strong focus on doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment both at work and at home, no matter how small.

We have a permanent management objective to reduce certain own-use plastics by 5%, replacing plastics with recyclable and compostable materials to prevent pollution and reduce waste.

Some of our other initiatives include:

  • Influencing suppliers to agree to reduce their packaging
  • Reusing incoming packaging materials for use with our outgoing products
  • Influencing the supplier to take back plastic component reels for recycling
  • Bulk purchase e.g. hand sanitiser to reduce plastic bottles
  • Heavy duty reusable bottles for eco friendly cleaning sprays we make ourselves
  • Reusable fabric face coverings
  • Reusable glass water bottles as work anniversary gifts in eco friendly paper bags

We’re also signed up to the UK Plastics Pact. Get involved, click here