Quality Matters


We’re proud to be a family-run, Yorkshire based business. It’s said that quality is the best business plan and we run the business on that basis. One key element helping us do that is our integrated management system which meets the standards of ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environmental) and ISO45001 (safety) and those three elements are at the heart of what we do. We’re proud of our achievements, and of being one of the first businesses to be awarded the TEC Quality Standards Framework. Our commitment to quality and our passion for innovation helps us create products designed to be aesthetically pleasing while enabling end users the freedom to live life independently how they choose. Our staff, as well as customers, participate in sharing ideas that feed into continual improvement, helping us create tailored solutions that deliver what end users want. 

As a business, we’re all committed to minimising our impact on the environment. We reuse, repurpose and recycle materials wherever possible, and have moved from plastic to recyclable packaging for our own products. We all seek to protect the environment and prevent pollution as far as we can, with eco-friendly initiatives and suggested eco-alternatives in every area of the business. We’re very privileged and proud to have staff who feel the same way about the environment and take our eco-friendly ethos into the wider community as well as at work. Any single-use plastics that we generate as a business are collected by our creative team and are repurposed in their homes, gardens and even used in community projects.

“Quality runs deeply at Cair. Setting and sticking to effective procedures means the final product is the best it can be.”