RMW Event In Maidenhead Unveils Onyx Pendant Alarm to Public


The general public’s first glimpse of the Onyx pendant alarm.

Many mistaking the ingenious pendant as jewellery. The event held in the Maidenhead town hall gave us an opportunity to talk to some locals and obtain a real perspective on the end users of assistive technology.

After viewing our Onyx personal alarm a pharmacist approached our stand and told us the touching difficulty that Mrs. Fitzgerald faced. He explained that she visited his pharmacy regularly and became quite familiar with the staff and they always looked forward to her daily arrival. The pharmacy staff grew quite concerned when they had not seen or heard from Mrs. Fitzgerald for a few days and so they alerted the local authorities. Mrs. Fitzgerald had been assigned a pendant alarm but had not activated it. She was left immobile for 2 days as had become stuck between her bed and a radiator so was unable to alert anyone as she refused to wear the alarm that she called intrusive and degrading.

This is a true realisation of how the technology to help Mrs. Fitzgerald may already exist but is futile, if not designed with the end user in mind. We hope that our jewellery inspired pendant alarm will give Mrs.Fitzgerald and similar individuals the solution that they so desperately require.