The Onyx Pendant – Versatile Personal Alarm


The decision to use a personal alarm can be one of the most difficult.

For those who are determined to live independently, there comes a time when a personal alarm is essential in day to day life.

After living an independent life, nobody wants to face the realisation of becoming reliant on others and asking for help. A pendant alarm can assist in maintaining this independence for longer. When the button on the pendant is pressed, a signal is sent alerting friends, family or emergency response teams. This gives security and peace of mind, that in the event of an incident, assistance will be provided.

However, the wearing options for these alarms are limited. What is currently offered on the market does not ease this already difficult decision. All the alarms have a very similar style, white with a large red button. Current alarms can be worn as necklaces or on wrist straps. Many are visually imposing, large buttons. These stigmatise, by displaying the wearer’s vulnerabilities to others.

Making the decision to to use a personal alarm does not mean the wearer should feel exposed to their vulnerabilities, rather the opposite.

This is where our idea of having an alarm inspired by jewellery, was formed.

The Onyx Pendant alarm offers a wide range of wearing preferences and is less stigmatising. Offering an alternative solution, the Onyx not only gives people a non invasive option but gives them their autonomy back.