TSA Conference 2016


CAIR is a UK based designer and manufacturer of innovative Technology Enabled Care Solutions (TECs) that help towards making daily independence for the vulnerable a reality.

Image of the in-house manufacturing facility based in Yorkshire

Professor Eddie Obeng visits CAIR Stand at TSA Conference 2016

CAIR have led the way with innovation in the industry since launching their first product, the Onyx personal alarm at the TSA conference in 2013. The Onyx personal alarm is the first jewellery inspired pendant in the TEC industry, delivering assistance at the touch of a button. Therefore, the aim being to eradicate the stigma surrounding Telecare and Technology Enabled Care Solutions.

New solutions have subsequently followed since the first conference. Including the Buzzz notifier, a handy alarm receiver that makes personal caring easier. Accepting alerts from up to 150 devices, Buzzz is the industry’s first touch screen notifier. Other innovations include, the TEC industry’s first interlinked smoke and heat sensors that were introduced by CAIR alongside a number of life saving sensors at the previous years TSA Conference.

At this years TSA Conference CAIR once again presented a new Innovation. Professor Eddie Obeng was a speaker at the TSA Conference 2016. The innovator and visionary commented on how CAIR had the best, stand and products in the exhibition area.

Introducing Orion

The latest innovation by CAIR that launched at the conference was Orion. A unique range extender within the TEC industry. Following research conducted by CAIR, it was found that alerts (from pendants to dispersed alarms) can go undetected due to a device being out of range or hitting a ‘blind spot’ within the home. For CAIR this is an undetected alert too many! For example, in one property with an average sized front yard, when a personal alarm was worn and pressed in the yard, the alert was not detected by the dispersed alarm unit. In another older property, alerts remained undetected due to blind spots in the home. This may have been due to thick stone walls or insulation blocking the signal.

…an undetected alert too many!

The Orion range extender is designed to eliminate these blind spots. Orion helps to ensure that no matter where you are in your property, no alert is missed. This is achieved by increasing the signal coverage of your telecare devices throughout the premises by utilising antenna diversity technology. Orion provides the much needed reassurance of no alert going undetected, ensuring care is available at all times.