TSA Quality Standards Framework – Cair Achieves Certification


CAIR are proud to be the first manufacturer of Technology Enable Care (TEC) devices in the UK to achieve the acclaimed TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF) certification.

What is a QSF Certification?

Over two days in June, the TEC Services Association (TSA) visited the Cair premises to carry out a suppliers audit. The new suppliers QSF Certification by the TSA ensures suppliers of TEC equipment work to the highest of standards.

“I’d like to congratulate Cair UK on their recent audit and QSF certification, this will further underpin the quality service that they provide to their many clients.” Alyson Scurfield, CEO, TEC Services Association

These high standards ensure customers and end users are able to benefit from high quality, TEC equipment. As mentioned on the TSA website, TEC Quality’s aim is to ensure that ‘quality and safety’ is at the heart and centre of everything within the TEC sector.

The TSA Quality Standards Framework offers Technology Enabled Care service providers and suppliers a way of demonstrating safety and quality. Furthermore, the framework offers commissioners much needed assurance in an otherwise unregulated industry.

The Assessment

Wendy Hodgson TEC Quality auditor, assessed the Cair team. The team was led by Stephen Fearnley, Cair’s Quality Manager. Departments that were involved and assessed in the audit include; the Management Team, Sales and Production personnel.

Cair’s Managing Director, Mohammed Chaudhary said, “We consider it an important award that the TSA has introduced to help drive standards forward in the industry. This award shows our commitment to Quality products and customer satisfaction.”

Following the audit a report was received containing positive comments particularly about our staff training. The report also included pointers for potential future improvements to further refine the organisations processes.

As well as the QSF certification, Cair’s manufacturing facility is already accredited to ISO9001, ISO18001 and ISO14001. These additional accreditation’s have been held by the company for a number of years. More recently, all of Cair’s electronic assembly specialists have been certified with IPC J-STD-001 accreditations. Moving to a person and outcome centred audit allows Cair to demonstrate total commitment to both customers and quality service delivery.