You Said It, We Did It – New Features!


Designed to make caring easier. The Buzzz is a time saving, efficient and cost effective solution. The Buzzz is a new and innovative Telecare solution disrupting the marketplace in an industry that has had little progression in over a decade. Buzzz Notifier is a stand alone alarm receiver, with a sleek design that sits comfortably in any home. Receiving alerts from over 150 sensors*(compatible with most suppliers peripherals*) some of which include; bed sensors, chair sensors, door contacts, PIRs, smoke detectors epilepsy monitors and personal alarms.

Immediate alert = Faster response ✓
Portable = Independence to carers ✓
Customisation = Personalised care ✓

Product Trial

Buzzz receives a direct alert from patient to carer which makes caring simple and stress free.

Upon unveiling this innovative product, a large number of local authorities signed up to trial this new piece of equipment. As a new product to market it was important to extensively trial the Buzzz and fully evaluate the benefits to carers. Since launching, there have been a number of organisations and individuals looking to be the first to take advantage of the innovation on offer.

Over 20 local authorities, and private organisations across the country participated in the alpha trials. The trials lasted a duration of 3-6 months with some even wanting to keep their alpha samples, refusing to return them! Insightful feedback and suggestions for improvement were received and this feedback was used to further perfect the product.

The trial stages saw the Buzzz Notifier being used intensively over several months. From this we were able to clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Notifier. Using this information, our engineering team put their heads together and refined the Buzzz to ensure the end product is robust and reliable. As a direct result of the trials, a few additional and novel features were also requested. The majority of suggestions for improvements were incorporated into the final version of the Buzzz Notifier.

Improvements – You Said, We Did

You said, more customisation options for night workers.

We increased sound and vibrate options and added strobe effect light for alerts.

You said, even better range.

We adjusted the internal Ariel and included a radio boost mode to provide an increased range. Increasing more than 1km when used alongside the Orion range extender.

You said, a greater variety of sensor name options when programming devices.

We added additional devices to the menu including epilepsy, enuresis sensors and pill dispensers as well as many other sensors.


As a result, those that trialled the Buzzz were also asked if they preferred the Buzzz to other alarm receivers.
The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive with over 94% of people saying they would rather use the Buzzz instead of their current equipment.

“It is better than every other pager that we have used. Does everything that is needed and it does it well.” – Middlesbrough Council