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Bringing The Onyx Pendant Alarm To Life

CAIR went against the trend by creating the Onyx, our  jewellery inspired pendant alarm. We  broke the trend once again for the TSA Newport event by holding a unique prize draw. Deciding our prize would be a piece of bespoke jewellery, inspired by our Onyx pendant alarm.

Journey of the Onyx jewellery…

Element, a local jewellers based down the road in Hebden Bridge were assigned the task of reinterpreting our pendant alarm, in the form of jewellery.

Local Jeweller Element

Local Jeweller Element

Pen was put to paper and the thought process initiated.

Initial Sketches

Initial Sketches

The hand drawings were then refined and the best chosen to create 3D images of the potential item of jewellery.

                          CAIR_Onyx_PendantAlarm_Jewellery_3D_drawings                              CAIR_Onyx_PendantAlarm_Jewellery_3D_drawings2

                                                                                                     Bringing the ideas to life…

                                   CAIR_Onyx_PendantAlarm_Jewellery_Final Idea2                       CAIR_Onyx_PendantAlarm_Jewellery_Final Idea1

It was thought that the Onyx jewellery could be made adaptable just like the Onyx pendant alarm. Element designed the chain to be easily removable and a pin inserted vertically throughout so it can be worn both as a brooch and a pendant. All that was left was to manufacture this bespoke piece.

From 3D drawings to the workshop…

CAIR_Onyx_PendantAlarm_Jewellery_Manufacture_workshop1   CAIR_Onyx_PendantAlarm_Jewellery_Manufacture_workshop2   CAIR_Onyx_PendantAlarm_Jewellery_Manufacture_workshop3

A few finishing touches and voilà…

Final Product

Final Product

Well Done Fiona Conti!!!


The Lucky Winner!!!

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By Fiona Conti - 2 December 2014 Reply

Many thanks to Cair (and Colin Jackson) for the wonderful piece of jewellery which I now wear proudly as often as I can. Absolutely delighted with my new bit of ‘bling’. Thanks again to you all.

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