The Onyx Pendant Alarm crosses borders with it's launch in the Netherlands.

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Onyx Débuts In The Netherlands !!

The Onyx Pendant Alarm crosses borders with it’s launch in the Netherlands.


Offering users a more aesthetic alternative to choose from, this unconventional design allows the you to wear a personal alarm around the house, giving you peace of mind that help will be provided at the touch of a button.


How can something that looks like an item of jewellery help the vulnerable feel safe in their own homes?

This particular scenario shows how in the event of an incident the button on the pendant is pressed. This links to the base unit which dials out to a call centre. An operative then speaks with the person ensuring all is well.

Depending on the situation, the local authorities are called out for a visit or the emergency services.


The Onyx makes it’s first début performance on international television with the below TV advertisement.

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