Using single-use plastic to create cold frame greenhouses


We’re very privileged and proud to have staff who are passionate about the environment and take our eco-friendly ethos into the wider community as well as at work. Any single-use plastics that we generate as a business are collected by our creative team and are re-purposed in their homes, gardens and even used in community projects.

The casing for our Onyx Pendants are transported in plastic trays, which have been creatively repurposed by our colleagues. Our Production Manager, Jean has been making cold frame greenhouses out of the trays to supply to local allotments. Find out how she has been making these with her simple instructions below. If you or a group you know would be interested in these cold frames, or would like some of our plastic trays to make your own, then please get in touch.


All you need are our waste plastic trays, a few cable ties and some simple tools









  • Cable ties
  • Kitchen blow torch
  • Metal skewer
  • Small cutters
  • Small pliers








1. Take around five plastic trays and stack together to form a “brick” (make eight of these)





2. Heat one end of the metal skewer and then make four holes in the longest sides of six bricks about 3cm from the top and bottom. Put two bricks to one side (these will form the lid later).







3. Line up two bricks side by side and connect together using two cable ties (make two of these)






4. Connect the two double bricks to the two single bricks (with the cable ties) on each side to create a box.






5. Make holes into the bottom of the box ensuring they are large enough to fit a tent peg through. I did one in the centre of each brick.







6. Now working on the two bricks put to one side earlier, put four holes into one side of each brick, two on the longest side and two on the shortest side. Connect the longest sides together with two of the cable ties. Working on the box, make two holes in each brick on the top side and connect the lid with four cable ties, don’t fasten these too tightly or the lid will not open and shut properly.

7. To secure the cold frame in place, use tent pegs to fasten into the ground