Anybody working from home?


My Cair journey is still relatively young, and it has been a stark difference to how most new jobs start. With government restrictions currently in place, it’s been over 7 weeks since I have seen any customers or colleagues in real life (miss you all!), certainly not how I expected the first months of the role to be. But what I also didn’t expect to see, was the level of collaboration that goes into product design. There are some really exciting things happening behind the scenes at Cair, and whilst we physically remain apart, creatively I have never felt closer to the action.

The product road map is very fun to travel along, and I have loved to see how everyone is brought along on the journey. The experience and expertise of the engineering and design team is fused with that of the customer-facing roles, to ensure that there is thought and consideration to every last detail of upcoming new products. From design to features that people really need, no stone is left unturned. A big part of all our roles is to make sure that we contribute to the detail of equipment everyone would want in their homes, and for now, whilst we work in our own living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, we are all inspired more than ever.

The most important contribution is still that of our customers, and the people you support; without knowing the challenges you have and the solutions you need, there would always be that missing piece. Cair prides itself on working with our customers, and we would welcome any suggestions or ideas you have, just email me at . As I say, the road ahead is exciting, and we would love for you to hop in on the ride!