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What is Technology Enabled Care?

Technology Enabled Care Services Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) may seem fairly self explanatory. Enhancing levels of care with the use of technology. Sounds simple enough, but TECS refer to a variety of technologies. Technology enabled care consists of predominantly telecare, telehealth and telemedicine. Helping anyone whom may require care, from diabetes

Striving for Excellence: Training and Development Success

We strive for excellence at every opportunity and that includes the training of our team. Members of our team enrolled in an ISO 9001 Internal QMS Auditor Course. This training course upgrades skills, required to apply the new ISO 9001 process and conduct Quality Management Systems. The teams training was on the principles

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility within CAIR is seen as our sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community. Corporate Social Responsibility also known as CSR, is something we’re continually building upon here at CAIR. We break the mould and innovate, not only our products but also in every aspect within the company,

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