Fall Detector

With five sensitivity levels, the feature rich CairFall is an intelligent and easy to configure fall detector which is suitable for more users than ever! We have worked closely with a wide range of users to create the most versatile fall solution, which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. Promoting independence and confidence, this clever, lightweight device allows individuals to move around their home, knowing that an alert will be raised if they suffer a hard fall. The easy to press button also allows the user to manually call for help.


There are five sensitivity settings to tailor the device to the user’s level of activity. Using our intuitive traffic light system LEDs, it’s quick and easy to program using the button on the CairFall.

With an optional cancellation feature, the user can press the button three times to cancel an activation. It’s really easy to turn this feature off too, so that it can be tailored to suit the user’s needs.

Vibration and LED indication provides immediate reassurance to the user that assistance is on the way, and its IP67 waterproof case means that it can be worn anywhere in the home, even in the bath or shower!

With its elasticated strap, it feels comfortable when worn on the wrist and a neck worn option is available too.

Using the latest accelerometer technology and intelligent algorithms and with three built-in radio protocols, the CairFall is a truly advanced, interoperable fall detector!

What We Say

“We love the CairFall! With its different sensitivity levels and comfortable strap, it provides much more flexibility to cater for every individual.”


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